Smart TMS Southampton

Our Southampton clinic is set to open in October 2018, bringing our innovative Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatments to the South coast.

TMS offers a range of solutions for difficult mental health and addiction conditions. The treatments are carried out by our trained technicians and are completely non-invasive – no medication, surgery or anaesthetic are involved. Side-effects occur in relatively few patients and tend to be quite minor and short-term (e.g. headaches).

Patients need to visit the clinic for a daily ‘session’ of treatment over a few weeks. That’s why Smart TMS believe it is important to create a national network of TMS clinics, so that treatment is accessible to more patients. We are investing in a national UK presence and plan to make TMS available in all major cities. Southampton is the third clinic to open in 2018, following the opening of clinics in Manchester and Bristol.

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