Smart TMS is looking to work with forward thinking psychiatrists and psychologists in developing TMS provision around the country.  If you have an established private practice and would like to offer your own patients TMS, as well as serving the local area, we can help.

Smart TMS’ Medical Director is an expert in the development of TMS protocols for the treatment of depression.  We are continually monitoring the scientific literature and attending conferences so that we are aware of the latest developments in TMS provision.  We work with some of the most experienced providers of TMS in the UK and globally.

Smart TMS has developed the procedures, protocols and training manuals required to set up a TMS practice.  If you are not a psychiatrist, we can provide access to our team of psychiatrists to assess and monitor your TMS patients.  We can even help with CQC registration, if required.

Smart TMS has developed systems and processes that can be incorporated into an existing practice with a minimum of disruption.  We use online CRM and medical records systems and telepsychiatry.

Smart TMS will provide marketing support and advice to set up and maintain a thriving TMS practice alongside your existing practice.

If you are interested and have some room space that could be dedicated to TMS, please email our Chief Executive, Gerard Barnes on .