Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Let’s talk about Children’s and young people’s mental health



Children’s mental health week launched by Place2Be is from the 1st to the 7th of February this year. With COVID-19 causing lockdowns and school closures, all aspects of children’s lives are being disrupted – as well as their education being affected, school is an incredibly important environment for supporting both social and emotional development.

So, focusing on children’s mental health is now more important than ever, especially seeing as one in six children are experiencing a probable mental health disorder, which has increased from one in nine children in 2017.

The theme this year is ‘express yourself’. The power of creativity is an important tool in helping children to express their feelings and work through their problems. Here are some ways parents or carers can encourage children to express themselves:

– Build on existing interests

It can be encouraging for your child to see that you are noticing their interests and praising their efforts.

– Try new things

Why not give a new hobby a go? There are many tutorials online that you and your child could be inspired by.

Focus on importance of the process                       

Don’t place too much importance on the end result – focus on how the process has made them feel and encourage them for trying, rather than judging how well it has been done.

– Give your full attention

Minimise distractions and make sure that you are paying full attention to your child (including through eye contact and body language) – this will build their confidence and make them feel more comfortable.

– Really listen

Realise that self-expression is more than just their words – really listen to how your child is expressing themselves through their behaviour, silence and creativity as well.

– Use your imagination

Remember that you don’t need expensive equipment to be creative at home – old items or recyclable materials can provide inspiration


Children’s charity Barnardos have compiled a list of activities that can be used to encourage children to express themselves, including some interactive games for families.

Place2Be have also created a list of organisations that can provide advice or support in a crisis.


TMS treatment for 16 and 17 year olds

We are the first UK provider to offer TMS treatment for under 18’s. TMS is non-invasive and medication-free and is a great option for young people struggling with their mental health. To find out more click here.

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