Clinic spotlight: Hampshire

Our fantastic Hampshire clinic re-located from Havant earlier this year and you will now find our TMS treatment available in the stunning grounds of the Cams Hall Estate. We have been treating patients in the Hampshire area since 2018 and have seen many patients successfully overcome their symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, PTSD or other mental health concerns.

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The new clinic location can be found within the Blackberry Health Clinic, the clinic offers specialist sports and exercise therapies and Bupa Health Assessments and we are delighted to continue our relationship with the Blackberry clinic and work alongside them in their clinic offering TMS treatment in the area.

TMS clinic Faretec Hampshire 

Our clinic room offers a light, bright space for you to focus on your TMS treatment, whilst being able to relax in the treatment chair and discuss your treatment progression with the Practitioner. During treatment, patients are able to listen to music, chat to the practitioner or enjoy some quiet time whilst the treatment takes place. We also provide a number of reviews throughout treatment to monitor progress.

TMS treatment is non-invasive and medication-free and a typical course of treatment for depression includes 30 sessions which on average last 30 minutes, allowing for flexibility to fit the treatment sessions into your day. Patients are also able to drive and return to work/normal activities after the sessions, minimising the impact of the treatment on patient’s daily lives.

We were also delighted to be featured in the local newspaper online, The News, with the detail about the new clinic location and to help spread awareness of the availability of TMS treatment in the local area.


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