Referral Scheme

Recommend your Friend for TMS Treatment

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When your friend books in their treatment, we would like to give you BOTH a big thank you reward!

How does it work?

If you have received treatment with us, we will provide you with a unique referral code.

You can pass this code onto your friends, family, colleagues or anyone you think may benefit from TMS treatment. Your referred person will then need to provide the code when they talk with our patient advisors before they book their assessment.

What’s in it for you?

We would love to say thank you to you for talking to your loved ones about TMS and recommending they receive treatment with us.

Therefore, in order to say thank you, we would like to give you the choice of a £100 Amazon voucher, or 2 Continuous Care sessions for FREE!

To help your friend on their wellness journey, we will deduct the price of their assessment from their treatment cost.

How do I know if we’re eligible?

  • You have received treatment at a Smart TMS clinic
  • The person you recommend books their treatment at a Smart TMS clinic

How do I refer someone to Smart TMS?

There are several ways you can do this! Call or email our patient advisors or your practitioner and confirm who you have referred. Don’t forget to give your friend your code, so that we know it’s them!. The person you have referred can also call or email us stating your unique code! We will not need to contact you until you decide on your thank-you gift.

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We are the UK’s largest provider of TMS Therapy with more locations planned, so please get in touch.

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