How To Cope With Christmas – Mental Health Top Tips #5

Turkey, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts and the age old debate of whether Yorkshire puddings belong on a roast dinner (they do..!) – A traditional Christmas dinner is on the menu for many families across the UK and Ireland.

Smart TMS : Birmingham‘s practitioner, Lorelei-Jane, reminds us to be aware of what we put into our bodies, even when temptations are high.

Lorelei-Jane says;

“Overindulgence is very common at Christmas, however food can affect your mental health and your mood. Therefore, don’t forget to still have a healthy balance over the festive season.”

dinner table

Know your limits

Even those with the healthiest of diets allow themselves an unhealthy treat on occasions, so try not to feel guilty about the delicious offering of food available at Christmas. In fact, cooked with the right methods, a traditional Christmas dinner doesn’t need to be unhealthy at all. The problem with overindulgence arises when we don’t know when to stop. After all, it’s Christmas…right?

A trip to the supermarket in December shows you how easy it is to overindulge during the festive period. With stacks of chocolate tins, tubes of crisps and cheese in all it’s forms adorning the shelves before you’ve even entered aisle number one, you wouldn’t be the first person to fill the trolley with enough food to feed double your family size, and you won’t be the last.

Knowing your limit is key, however. Ask yourself whether you need the second mince pie, or whether a satsuma would be a tasty alternative. Acknowledging when your tummy is full is also vital. On any other day, we wouldn’t be likely to eat until we’re fit to burst, so what makes Christmas any different?

Learn from your mistakes

Have you eaten far too much on the big day? Make a mental note of how you feel. Do you feel good physically, or do you feel like you need a nap to sleep off the sluggish feeling? Are you feeling snappy and irritable as the sugar rush of the breakfast selection box wears off? Once you know what your body is trying to tell you, you’ll be able to adjust your eating habits to avoid the negative effects of overindulgence. The tricky part will be remembering to stick with it next time December 25th comes around!