Five Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day may have had a dark beginning, but as years have gone by, the day has come to represent love and togetherness all over the world.

What is love?

There are many types of love. These include: romantic love, the love of your famiy, friendship and universal love (or the love of nature, God, a thought or concept). If we were to ask you to describe what each of these types of love mean to you, what would you say? Common answers include appreciation, adoration, pride, unconditional devotion and desire to care for your loved one.

Now, what if you were asked whether you feel these ways about yourself? Do you appreciate yourself? Or, are you unconditionally devoted to caring for yourself? Many of us will realise that we don’t display the same love for ourselves as we do for others.


Five ways to fall in love with yourself

  1. Accept yourself.
    You’re not perfect, but guess what? No one is! The person you are today has come a long way from who you were and by accepting yourself for who you are, you’re acknowledging that your journey so far has been worthwhile. You might still have things that you’d change about yourself; you might want to lose weight or change your hair, but it’s important to own who you are.
  2. Forgive yourself.
    We all make mistakes – it’s a part of being human. Sometimes, we can dwell on these mistakes. Once we are able to draw a line and move away from the mistakes we make, we’ll spend less time overthinking the same issue. Overthinking is unproductive, especially when you can’t change the past. So, take a deep breath and forgive yourself for your mistakes.
  3. Acknowledge your strengths.
    Often, we become so busy focusing on things we aren’t or that we can’t do that we forget what we are good at. If you’ve forgotten why you’re worthy of self-love, write a list of the attributes you admire about yourself. Maybe you’re trying your best as a parent, or you’re a supportive friend. Maybe you are empathetic, or kind-hearted, or optimistic. Remind yourself why you’re amazing!
  4. Set small goals and celebrate your victories.
    It can be easy to look at an objective as a whole, but when it comes to working towards it, the task can seem mammoth! Why not try breaking your objective down into smaller goals. Instead of learning a new language, you could aim to learn three new phrases per week. Whilst you’re busy celebrating your small achievements, you will be approaching your main objective without even realising.
  5. Ask for help.
    There is absolutely no shame in asking for help if you’re struggling and opening up to a friend, colleague or family member can help. Accepting that you are worthy of your loved ones support is a step towards appreciating how wonderful a person you really are. Who knows? They might need your support too, but be too scared to reach out.

Valentines Day 2020

This Valentine’s Day, look after your mental health by falling in love with YOU. Giving yourself the gifts of acceptance and forgiveness will boost your confidence and have a positive impact on other areas of your life too.