Liverpool Echo: X Factor Star’s Body Image Anxiety

The Liverpool Echo featured X Factor Star Christopher Maloney, who has overcome his battles with body image and anxiety thanks to ground-breaking TMS treatment.

The article was entitled:

“X Factor’s Christopher Maloney: I hated my face so much I didn’t want anyone to look at me”

Liverpudlian Christopher has previously shared his struggles with body image, which led him to turn to surgery after taunts from trolls online. He has reportedly had over £100k of cosmetic procedures.

However, he realised he needed therapy after he became scared of looking at his own reflection on ITV’s Loose Women earlier this year. He lasted just 3 seconds.

Christopher explained:

“…when I was on Loose Women I tried to look at the mirror but I couldn’t. I thought ‘That’s it, I need to get it sorted’.

“If I looked I’d start analysing my face, seeing something else I wanted to fix, wondering if I needed more BOTOX®. I hated the way I looked. I’d think ‘What else can I get done?’.”

After the difficult experience on Loose Women, Chris was approached by Smart TMS and offered a course of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The treatment uses magnetic pulses to work directly on the areas of the brain associated with depression, anxiety and addiction.

Christopher now says that the whole experience has changed his life. He explains:

“I think I needed what happened on Loose Women. It helped me so much – otherwise the doctors wouldn’t have reached out to me.

“I feel brilliant and I can enjoy having the windows down in my car now.”

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