Smart TMS : Leeds | Meet Your Practitioner – Lea Steinstad

Published 10th October 2019

Smart TMS : Leeds is now open with practitioner Lea at the helm

Who is Lea?

In September, Lea joined our team of knowledgeable and approachable practitioners to run our new Leeds based clinic. Bringing plenty of life experience to the role, she has lived internationally for most of her life, settling in the UK around five years ago. Lea is Norwegian and loves hiking and the outdoors.

While getting to know Lea, the team asked her what her interests are. She told us;

“I have always had a fascination with understanding human behavior and emotions. Pursuing a career in psychology felt very natural to me!”

Smart TMS Leeds Lea


What qualifications does Lea have?

Having completed her BSc in Psychology at the University of Manchester, Lea is very knowledgeable about psychological treatments and the brain.

Excitingly, Lea is currently completing her Master’s degree in Applied Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol. Particularly interested in research into Alzheimer’s Disease, her Master’s dissertation followed this path. It was based on the use of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment to aid dementia diagnosis. Lea is due to gradutate in February 2020 and the team are all excited to hear about her studies until then.

What about Lea’s work experience?

Lea is a passionate mental health advocate. She has worked in service evaluation research to help improve mental health services for homeless people

In addition, she also has experience working with children in schools, and adults affected by brain injuries, substance misuse, and dementia.

What does Lea enjoy about working as a Smart TMS Practitioner?

With her friendly, personable approach to her patients, it’s no surprise that Lea loves building relationships. Smart TMS offer high quality care to people who really need it and Lea fits the role perfectly. During her training in our flagship Kensington clinic, Lea quickly developed strong bonds with patients. For many patients, the time they spend chatting to their practitioner could be the only opportunity they have to talk about how they really feel. Having a friendly, approachable, but knowledgeable practitioner like Lea is paramount to patient progress.

The Smart TMS Practitioner role has also allowed Lea to apply what she has learnt during her studies. However, she still tells us that she’s learning new things every day, so the role certainly is ever-evolving as research increases.

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If you’re looking for Smart TMS treatment in Leeds, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

Should you like to speak to Lea directly about TMS treatment in Leeds, please arrange this with the patient advisors, too.

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