Mental Health Helpline update

By Helen
Marketing Manager
Smart TMS
27th April 2020

“Hannah has helped me when I needed help and has been non-judgmental and managed to calm me down when I have not been in a good way, she and this service has just been a god send during this crisis”.

Helpline caller


Since we launched our mental health support helpline a few weeks ago, we are really pleased to have been able to help people, like the caller above, to manage their mental health during the current crisis. A telephone support service is something we haven’t offered at Smart TMS before, but we knew when the pandemic first hit that we wanted to do something to give back to our patients and the public to help where we could. The helpline offers tips and advice from our dedicated practitioners for things such as: how to manage your anxiety and de-catastrophise, how to complete a gratitude diary and how to prevent relapse.

Find out more about the helpline.

Josh, our Havant practitioner says

“Everyone I have spoken to whilst call handling has been very thankful and grateful that during this stressful time, there has been someone they can speak to for free for help and support. I am proud to be part of this service and be able to help others when they are in need”.

Another caller commented on the service.

“I’ve just spoken to them myself and they’re really lovely they arrange a call-back session on the same day and then you can have up to x5 sessions, one a week for up to x5 weeks for free which is such a bonus when iTalk’s NHS service struggle to see anyone in such a short space of time”.

Lorelei, our Birmingham practitioner has also had some great feedback and has enjoyed supporting the helpline service.

“Everyone I have spoken to on the support helpline as both a call handler and as a practitioner carrying out the session has been very thankful for our service. All the people I have spoken to have said we are doing a fantastic thing giving this support for free and they are grateful for the help and support we are providing in these very stressful and uncertain times”.

The helpline is open from Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am – 5pm with a priority hour for NHS staff 9-10am. When you first call, you will speak to one of our practitioners who will take some details and book in your first session. Sessions last up to 30 minutes and callers can have up to 5 sessions. During the sessions, practitioners will share activities and advice that they think suit your needs.

Call the helpline (Mon, Weds & Fri, 9am-5pm) on 020 3855 4578 to book your first session or click here for more information.  

Please note: this helpline has been created to provide tips and advice for managing increased anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. If you are suffering from a mental health crisis however, please call 111 and seek medical advice.


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