Smart TMS Payment Plan

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Spread the cost of  treatment for depression and anxiety.
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How It Works

Your second course of treatment will be split into 11 monthly installments following an initial deposit.

A typical payment plan comprises:

  1. First course of treatment paid in full
  2. Second course of treatment just pay a deposit
  3. Then 11 x monthly installments

Sample payment plan:

First course of treatment

Second course of treatment deposit

Monthly installments (x11)

Payment plan eligibility criteria

The option of applying for a payment plan is currently only available for patients being treated for depression/anxiety.

We’ll ask you to complete our standard pre-treatment questionnaires to ensure you’re suitable to receive TMS and you’ll have a video consultation with one of our clinicians, too.

As you’ll be financing the second course of treatment, your practitioner will keep a close eye on your progress during your first course. If you’re going to respond well to TMS, we’ll see improvements in your symptoms by the end of your first 15 sessions, so you won’t be advised to continue with a payment plan unless there are clear signs that it’ll benefit you.

Before approving a payment plan application, we’ll conduct a credit search through credit reference agency, Experian. If you’re unsure about your credit, we’d recommend you request a free credit report directly from Experian before applying.

How to apply for the Smart TMS Payment Plan

If you’d like to learn more about self-funding TMS treatment, please contact our team of patient advisors.

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Don’t forget – if you have private health insurance, your insurer may cover your treatment for you, too!

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