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Our dedicated team of fully trained TMS technicians will be with you every step of the way.

From your initial treatment session to your final aftercare appointment, rest assured that our team of experts are here to support you and help you get the best out of treatment.

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Smart TMS practitioners

When you join us for your initial treatment session you will be introduced to the relevant practitioner who will then act as your main point of contact within the clinic.

Going forward, they will greet you upon arrival, set up your treatment protocol and sit with you throughout the session, they are there for your every need.

Whoever it may be, rest assured that all our team will ensure your time with us is made as comfortable and easy as possible.

Meet the team



TMS practitioner, London

Athana completed her Psychology BSc undergraduate degree at Queen Mary University of London, where she developed a keen interest in using innovative psychological therapies to treat mental health conditions. She pursed her interest by completing her MSc in Mental Health: Psychological Therapies at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings, including mentoring at-risk young adults, facilitating group therapy workshops for older adults at Mind, and participated in various research projects as a research assistant.

In her free time, Athana enjoys watching crime documentaries, reading books (especially those written by John Grisham), and going for long walks!

Athana is based at our London clinic.



TMS practitioner, Manchester

Ben completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology at the University of Liverpool, where he studied a variety of modules including Neuropsychology and the Psychology of Severe Mental illness. After graduating, Ben completed a MSc in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University, where his research project focused on the link between Anxiety Disorders and Memory. From his four years of University study, he gained valuable theoretical understanding of multiple mental health conditions.

Through his voluntary work with adults with additional whilst at school, he gained early experience of how to help people with mental health challenges. During his previous employment, Ben worked as a Healthcare worker in psychiatric hospitals, working with patients with severe mental illness and behaviours that challenge. From his previous roles, he gained vital experience of delivering high quality patient care in his role as a TMS Practitioner.

In his free time, Ben loves watching films, long distance running, and giving his dog too much attention.

Ben is based at our Manchester TMS clinic



TMS practitioner, Dublin

Eoin completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Dublin City University, during which he completed an internship at Our Lady’s Childrens Hospital, Crumlin, where his main project was a review of Post-Concussion Syndrome. After graduating, he spent time working as a Youth Worker at Covenant House, Vancouver before beginning his master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Groningen, graduating with distinction. He conducted his master thesis on TMS and whether it could improve cognitive abilities among Schizophrenia patients.

Working as a TMS practitioner allows him to combine his keen interest in neuroscience with his passion for helping people. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sport and exploring the outdoors.

Eoin is based at our Dublin clinic.



TMS practitioner, Northampton

Richard’s career began in the hospitality industry, but he decided to retrain after experiencing a breakdown in 2015.

His personal experience means that Richard has a clear understanding of depression and anxiety. He is always compassionate and shows empathy, as well as a determination to help other patients in a similar position. TMS changed his life and gave him back the confidence to retrain and pursue a career in Mental Health.

Richard is studying with the Institute of Counsellors, to give him a more holistic approach to treating patients alongside TMS.

He is based at our Northampton TMS clinic.



TMS practitioner, London

Rio’s childhood curiosity in the human brain and behaviour led her to study Psychology at the University of Glasgow. She developed a particular interest in the neuroscience behind mental disorder development and treatment. In her final year, she worked as an intern in a mental health research study investigating biological markers for First Episode Psychosis in the preclinical stages, for the purposes of early intervention. She then completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at University College London, to deepen her understanding of mental health problems and the interventions provided to address them. This gave her an insight into the growing evidence base for TMS in mental health treatment.

Alongside her postgraduate studies, Rio worked in various mental health units supporting people with a wide range of conditions, including Psychosis, Addictions, Eating Disorders and Brain Injuries.

In her free time, Rio loves hiking, snowboarding and learning about space and the stars!

Rio is based at our London clinic.



TMS practitioner, Southampton

Roxy is originally from Romania, but settled in the south of the UK to complete her
Integrated Masters Degree in Neuroscience at the University of Southampton, where she
pursued her life-long passion for the human brain and behaviour. In her dissertations Roxy explored the topic of impaired brain development in Autism, as well as the impact of a high-fat diet in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Through working in patient care alongside her studies, as well as volunteering to support the isolated elderly in the community, Roxy found her passion in working with people, as well as the importance of community and connection in a patient’s recovery.

Therefore she became a Mental Health Support Worker which she felt was the most rewarding role, being able to take part in patients’ journey to recovery. After doing extensive reading on the subject, she decided to pursue a career in mental health to help revolutionize the field of mental healthcare.

Roxy spends her free time walking in the New Forest with a podcast or mindfulness
meditation on, reading, doing yoga or dancing and exploring somatic therapies for a more holistic approach to psychological treatment.

Roxy is based at our Southampton TMS Clinic.



TMS practitioner, Birmingham

Nikki Green completed her Psychology BSc (Hons) at Newman College studying a variety of subjects: cognition, neurological, biological and psychopharmacology amongst others. She completed her dissertation on Public Attitude towards Mentally Disordered Offenders. From there she spent some time working in CAMHS on an inpatient unit with children from the age of 5 up to 16, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, Psychosis, Depression, Somatoform Disorder. Then transferred to work on a Female Acute Unit, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia amongst others. She also spent time volunteering for Childline and as an appropriate adult for the Youth Offending Service. 

She has always been passionate about Mental Health and creating a person-centered therapeutic environment for every patient. Throughout all her roles she has gained valuable knowledge and experience to be able to provide the utmost care and support to patients. Thus, enabling her to give the best care and attention she can by creating a therapeutic environment for patients when visiting Smart TMS. 

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with her family. 

Nikki is based at our TMS Clinic Birmingham.



TMS practitioner, Edinburgh

Paul initially started his mental health career in Social Care, working with older adults with Alzheimer’s and practising palliative care. After completing his MA in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen, Paul embarked on putting his theory into practice. He became a Senior Support Worker at Camphill School Aberdeen, working with autistic young adults and managing challenging behaviour; progressing to become a supervisor for a team managing adults with complex needs.

Paul has worked hard over his career to understand how mental health disorders impact the people he supports in unique ways. His hands-on experience has given him the confidence to deliver care in an effective, empowering and compassionate way.

Paul has met a variety of patients at Smart TMS: “All the patients I have met are at various stages of their treatment journey, but they all have one thing in common. They have a power, a resilience, and an inner strength within them, although it may not seem like it. They are some of the bravest people I’ve met. They were brave enough to ask for help”.

Paul is based at our Edinburgh TMS clinic



TMS practitioner, Bristol

Carmen’s profound fascination with the intricacies of the human mind has fuelled her commitment to the study of the brain and behviour since she was young. She embarked on this academic journey, culminating in the attainment of her Bachelor of science degree (Hons) in Psychology at the University of Sussex, where she gained strong knowledge and understanding of a multitude of topics including drugs, childhood development and neuroscience. Her passion then drove her to pursue a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, where she delved deep into the complexities of the brain’s functions and structures. Developing an interest in mental health and disorders, Carmen’s dissertation explored the relationship between personality traits and eating behaviours.

From her experience as an inclusion worker, Carmen has gained invaluable knowledge in being able to support and teach mentally and physically disabled children. Carmen believes that it is imperative to be empathetic and compassionate in the world of mental health and strives to give the up most care to patients whilst offering them a safe space to talk and relax.

Out of hours, Carmen can be found in the gym lifting heavy weights and making funny faces. To relax, she loves to crochet or get some fresh air roller skating.

Carmen is based at our Bristol TMS clinic.



TMS practitioner, St Albans

Adam has completed a BA in Psychology from the University of Brighton and an MSc in Applied Psychology from the University of Sussex. During his academic career, he studied a wide range of topics including neuroscience, addiction and clinical psychology.

Since graduating, Adam has spent several years working in a private psychiatric hospital in London. Whilst working in private psychiatry, Adam has gained experience in a variety of fields of psychiatric care, from inpatient group therapy to long-term outpatient treatment.

During this time, he was first given the opportunity to train and work as a TMS Practitioner. After gaining certification as a TMS practitioner, Adam has gone on to successfully treat hundreds of patients with complex needs and is motivated by seeing people’s lives improve through TMS treatment.

In his spare time, Adam likes watching football, cooking and going to the cinema.

Adam is based at our St Albans TMS clinic.

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