That’s Life: ‘Magnets Cured my Smoking Addiction’

That’s Life magazine’s feature on the use of TMS treatment to stop smoking has had a tremendous response already.

That’s Life’s story featured 55 year old Barbara, who managed to quit smoking and beat her 25-year nicotine addiction with treatment at Smart TMS.

The ‘A change in me’ feature headlined:

Magnets cured my smoking addiction

The article explains how Barbara Jeffre, 55, from Pimlico in London experienced the treatment that broke the smoking addiction.

“Standing outside the restaurant by myself, I puffed my cigarette. Only, I felt a bit of a lemon.

“Recently, all my smoker friends had quit.

“Heading inside, my sister Maria shook her head.

“You should give that up”

she said.

“At 55, I’d been smoking a pack a day for 25 years and was growing concerned about the impact it was having on my health.

“Over the years, I’d tried to quit. But after two days, I’d feel anxious – and the craving would become so intense, I’d find myself lighting up.

“Then I saw a brochure in the doctor’s waiting room. It was about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).”

That's Life TMS smoking

What happened next…

TMS Treatment for Smoking

Barbara described her experience of the ground-breaking treatment:

“At first, TMS sounded a bit sci-fi. It used magnetic pulses to suppress the area of the brain associated with addiction. The pamphlet said it had cured people of chronic drug, alcohol and smoking dependencies.

“Determined to ditch my habit, I booked a consultation at Smart TMS – the UK’s leading clinic for treating mental health conditions (including addiction). After talking to a clinical psychiatrist, I was approved for 10 sessions over a fortnight.

“At my first appointment, a cloth cap attached to a machine was placed on my head for 20 pain-free minutes. They I was allowed to go.

“With each session the urge to smoke lessened. After five, my cravings vanished altogether.

“Now I haven’t touched a cigarette in three months.

“For me, it’s been miraculous. My skin’s glowing and my money’s no longer going up in smoke!”

Smart TMS Clinics

Smart TMS is a specialist provider of TMS treatment, located at clinics in London, Birmingham, Northampton, Dublin, Manchester and now Bristol.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a technological breakthrough in the treatment of difficult mental health conditions including depression and addiction without medication.

It is a non-invasive treatment which uses the power of magnets to work upon the associated areas of the brain. The treatment it is very easily tolerated by patients. A course of sessions is required as benefit is cumulative.


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