Time to Talk Day

Today is time to talk day 04/02/21

mending minds campaign

Today is ‘time to talk’ day which aims to encourage everyone to be more open about mental health. The more we talk about mental health, the more barriers we break down, which helps to reduce the stigma surrounding the subject. This year’s theme is the power of small, with the idea that a small conversation actually has the power to make a huge difference.

Change your mind have created a list of resources to help the nation to get talking about mental health. These include email banners, posters, screensavers, mental health quizzes and games such as bingo and would you rather.

Mind offer some helpful tips on how to support someone who is experiencing a mental health problem:

– Listen

Remember that you can’t force someone to talk about their feelings if they don’t want to, but simply giving someone the space to talk and really listening to them can be extremely helpful. Knowing that they are not alone and have someone to talk to can be reassuring.

– Stay calm

Although it can be distressing to hear that someone you care about is suffering, by remaining calm you will allow your friend or family member to feel that they can always open up to you without causing you to be upset.

– Be patient

Although you might want to know more about how they are feeling, or want to encourage them to get help immediately, it is important to let them set the pace for seeking support themselves.

– Try not to make assumptions

Don’t assume that you already know what may have caused their feelings, or what will help them.

– Keep in contact

Make sure to continue to involve your friend or family member in social events, and to keep chatting about other parts of your lives. Part of the support you provide could be to try to keep things as normal as possible.

– Learn

Learning about what your loved one is going through can be really helpful for them and will also help you know how to best support them. Mind offers lots of information about different mental health disorders, including things friends and family can do to help.

– Offer practical help

You could ask if there are any specific practical tasks you could help them with – for example, you could offer them a lift somewhere or help them arrange childcare. You could even offer to attend a GP appointment with them – even being in the waiting room could help them to feel reassured.


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