Smart TMS Speaks Up on Time to Talk Day 2020

3 in 10 people in the UK feel they cannot discuss their mental health concerns with their friends or family.

As we near the end of Time To Talk Day, we at Smart TMS encourage the nation to open up about their struggles with mental health.

Time To Talk Day

February 6th has marked Time to Talk day in the UK, a nationally recognised event which aims to encourage open conversation about mental health. By helping those who are struggling with significant mental health challenges to seek the support they need, we focus on a more accepting society as a whole.

We’ve recently released exclusive research, which suggests that initiatives such as Time to Talk Day may be needed now more than ever; a shocking 3 in 10 people in the UK feel they cannot discuss their mental health with friends or family for fear of judgment. Similarly, 1 in 3 people experience severe anxiety and stress as a result of comparing their life and success to others around them. The question is raised -would these anxieties be reduced if we only opened up and spoke to our loved ones?

Fighting Mental Illness Alone

Mental health problems are extremely prevalent in the UK. Around 1 in 4 of us are set to suffer with a significant mental health condition at some point in our lives. In addition, it is evident that many people who suffer from severe mental health concerns find their symptoms worsened by being unable to speak about their struggles. At present, they feel unable to share their problems openly with those around them and to seek necessary help to cope with their condition.

It is extremely concerning that 30% of us are struggling with mental health problems and cannot open up about it to those around us. It is one thing to contend with poor mental health, but it is quite another to feel alone in the battle. Given that so many are suffering from severe mental health issues in silence, it is vital that we do our best to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. This allows us to create an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and secure. Eventually, we’ll reach a place that allows them feel as though they can express their concerns and receive much needed support from those around them.

Start a Conversation with Smart TMS

At Smart TMS, we treat severe mental health problems with TMS technology, but we strongly support initiatives such as Time To Talk Day.  Encouraging open conversation and acceptance on the subject of mental health is vital 365 days a year. If people feel comfortable enough to share their concerns, they are more likely to receive the support they need to safeguard and strengthen their mental health, and avoid their mental state worsening.