How Effective is rTMS Treatment for Depression?

Smart TMS has achieved great results for our patients so far, many of whom have had depression for decades. 

The adjacent graph shows the improvement in depression achieved for all the patients we have treated at Smart TMS in London.

Severity of depression is measured using a scale known as ‘PHQ 9’. These results show a 65% reduction for our patients.

results tms depression treatment

65% reduction in PHQ score

Dr Leigh A. Neal, MD FRCPsych

“Dr Neal is pleased to announce that by using the most advanced techniques, in the treatment of depression with rTMS, which has been informed by the most recent research, that Smart TMS so far have an 82% success rate in treating people with resistant depression, such that they have gone into full remission and these patients have had an average reduction of 75% in the severity of their symptoms of depression.

“We aim to continue to use the most advanced techniques available and try and improve further on these impressive results.”

Dr Leigh A. Neal, MD FRCPsychConsultant PsychiatristOur Team of rTMS Consultants

rTMS at The Smart Clinics in London

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy treatment is available at Smart TMS, based at The Smart Clinics, Brompton Cross, London. Smart TMS was the first UK clinic to offer treatments for anything other than depression.

On the basis of research, we believe that rTMS – Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation could offer sufferers of DPD an alternative treatment option using transcranial magnetic stimulation to work directly on the associated areas of the brain. It would also offer the benefit of being a non-medication approach, avoiding potentially unpleasant side-effects associated with drugs.

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