New Technology: Treatment Without Medication

TMS: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

A new form of treatment

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a technological breakthrough in medical and psychiatric treatment.

TMS utilises pulses of magnetic energy, to stimulate or dampen down areas of the brain known to contribute to the medical or psychiatric conditions.  TMS has been approved by NICE (2015) as an effective and safe treatment in the UK for the treatment of Depression.

TMS therapy has also been shown in research studies to be effective in reducing the symptoms of: Anorexia Nervosa, Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Drug Addiction, Depersonalisation Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD.   Recent published research on TMS for each of these disorders can be viewed on the respective tabs on this website.

TMS treatment may be considered when all evidence-based treatments have already been attempted under specialist supervision.

TMS is now an outpatient procedure performed in the treatment rooms at Smart TMS Clinics, London.

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“TMS has been life changing for me.”

“I am back to how I should be and I am still improving every day.”

“It really is incredible – I am so glad I did it”

FreddieTMS Treatment for Depression Read This Testimonial In Full

“After day 5 of the treatment I suddenly found that I had no cravings. I shocked myself when I thought about crack but at the same time realised that I wasn’t bothered about it. I hadn’t felt that for years.”

“I cannot express how wonderful this feels. No cravings, no depression, nothing but positivity and a renewed zest for life.”

Treatment for Drug AddictionRead This Testimonial In Full

“Dr Neal, Emily, Roy and the team genuinely care; you can tell that as soon as you start speaking to them. That’s why I’m writing this down – to thank them.”

“I have been on and off medication for about 25 years now, but in the short space of a month TMS has given me back something immeasurable.”

AnnaTreatment for Depression at Smart TMS, LondonRead This Testimonial In Full

“Since finishing my rTMS in August I am feeling very well.”

“My depression and anxiety have gone.”

“I am enjoying my life again.”

HRead This Testimonial In Full

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing really well since rTMS.  Sylwia said during my top up treatment that other patients had found that their symptoms kept improving after the treatment and actually I think that’s really true.  I feel like I’m getting stronger every week.

“I’ve been working full time for the last 8 weeks which is incredible, before the treatment I hadn’t worked for a full week for at least 2 years…”

J.TMS for DepressionRead This Testimonial In Full

“I want to say a special thank you and hello to Sylvia who was funny and very supportive. Dr Neal who was so caring and made me feel like an intelligent young lady and not a wacko and time waster and finally Gerard who I spoke to first on the phone, and made me feel so welcome, and has an awesome telephone voice!”

TMS Treatment for DepressionMore Testimonials

“I was first diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 27 years ago. In that time I had undergone various forms of therapy and treatment in addition to receiving medication. Although this had alleviated the symptoms to some extent, the OCD was still having a major effect on my life. The TMS treatment has eliminated almost all of the distressing and unwanted thoughts, and therefore the time spent ruminating and the need to constantly discuss them and worry about them. This has enabled me to function properly and lead a much happier life. My level of fatigue has greatly reduced.

“The TMS treatment was not only effective, but the team involved were very helpful and professional, from the first thoroughly conducted consultation through to the actual treatment itself. There was also a great follow up and aftercare service. I will be informing my GP of how well this truly 21st Century approach has worked.”

Mr JrTMS for OCD More Information on TMS Treatment for OCD

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