Smart TMS Edinburgh, Scotland

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment Clinic

Our TMS clinic opened in Edinburgh in March 2019, bringing our innovative Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatments to patients based in or near to Scotland.

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Welcome to Smart TMS Edinburgh

Smart TMS Edinburgh opened in 2019 making it the first clinic to offer TMS in Scotland.

Located on George Street Edinburgh, it’s comfortable, well-equipped and welcoming.

Find our Edinburgh clinic


Regus, 93 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3ES

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Opening times

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

How to get here

Smart TMS Edinburgh is easily accessible by car from the M8 and M9, with limited on-street parking.

As this clinic is in central Edinburgh it has great connections with public transport by train and bus.

Meet the Edinburgh team



TMS practitioner

Paul initially started his mental health career in Social Care, working with older adults with Alzheimer’s and practising palliative care. After completing his MA in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen, Paul embarked on putting his theory into practice. He became a Senior Support Worker at Camphill School Aberdeen, working with autistic young adults and managing challenging behaviour. He developed an immense passion for helping his service users develop their skills in emotional regulation, communication and positive behaviour strategies.

This led him to Edinburgh where he worked as a supervisor for a team managing adults with complex needs; enriching his knowledge on epilepsy, schizophrenia and acquired brain injuries. Paul has worked hard over his career to understand how mental health disorders impact the people he supports in unique ways. His hands-on experience has given him the confidence to deliver care in an effective, empowering and compassionate way.

Paul has met a variety of patients at Smart TMS: “All the patients I have met are at various stages of their treatment journey, but they all have one thing in common. They have a power, a resilience, and an inner strength within them, although it may not seem like it. They are some of the bravest people I’ve met. They were brave enough to ask for help”.

TMS clinic and treatment photos

TMS treatments available

TMS has been proven to treat depression and anxiety as well as other mental health conditions and some addictions. 

Most of the patients we treat here at Smart TMS (around 70%) are suffering from clinical depression – including seasonal affective disorder (SAD), perinatal depression and bipolar disorder.

Is TMS Treatment Right For You?

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What our Patients Say

I’m still not taking any medication – This is the longest I have been off of anti-depressants in almost 10 years and I am loving not having to cope with the side effects.


For the first time in 24 years, I now feel significantly better; I’ve even started playing guitar and spending time outdoors again. My brain feels alive and the sadness I’ve felt for so long has been replaced by a smile


At the time I received treatment I was my lowest. TMS was a life changer for me. I am certain it saved my life.