TMS Treatment – Nicotine Addiction

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment helped Barbara to stop smoking after years of addiction to cigarettes.

She kindly shared her story in this video and testimonial.

Barbara’s story

“A friend of mine once told me that quitting smoking is harder than quitting cocaine.

“Sounds ridiculous…I know.  But when you think about it addiction to anything changes your brain and it alters how you gain and feel pleasure.  Cigarettes are freely available unlike recreational drugs which is why it’s so hard to stop smoking.  With cigarettes, you can’t get away from it; it takes much more attention to stop the urges for nicotine than it does for drugs.

“Having smoked cigarettes on and off (mostly on) for 25 years it was time to stop.

“I decided to try Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).  If TMS can help with cocaine addiction, why not try it for nicotine addiction.

“Different people have a different experience trying to kick any addictive substance. I have to say that after my first treatment, TMS dissipated all my urges to smoke. It also eliminated all the nervousness and anxiety you get when quitting smoking – you’re irritable, you’re cranky – I don’t feel any of that.

“The big problem is the ‘Habit‘ You really have to work at that.

“The little everyday things you do when you light up.  Like having a cup of coffee or sitting at your computer emailing or waiting for the bus that never comes.  I didn’t have the ‘urge’ to actually have a cigarette but certain activities remind you to have one.  So…I have to say that TMS took away the hard part – the urge –All I have to do now is break the everyday ‘habit’ reminders.

“The best part is I have absolutely no anxious or irritable feelings associated with stopping smoking cold turkey.  TMS took all that away.

“If you want to stop smoking and tried cold turkey or hypnosis and failed, TMS may be the treatment for you to try.”

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