irish daily mail tms 17-4-18

Irish Daily Mail: A Cure For Depression?

The Irish Daily Mail featured the new Smart TMS Dublin clinic in their ‘Good Health’ supplement.

The article explained the Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment which Smart TMS has just launched in Ireland.  Read more

evening standard

Evening Standard: The Health Benefits of Hugging

Expert Advice from Isabel Leming, Senior TMS Technician at the clinic Smart TMS

Evening Standard looked at the surprising health benefits of hugging. 

The article says

“Research has previously shown that hugging does in fact have many physiological benefits that can positively impact your health and mood whether you’re the giver or the receiver.”

Isabel Leming, Senior TMS Technician at Smart TMS, was invited to give her expert advice.

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SheerLuxe: New Treatment For Addiction

From Cigarettes To Cocaine

SheerLuxe investigated the potential of TMS treatment (transcranial magnetic stimulation) for treating addiction.

The article says that TMS is “…a pioneering new therapy treating addiction for everything from cigarettes and gambling to cocaine and heroin.”

The feature includes the story of a patient who had TMS treatment to help her stop smoking.

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smoking cancer risk

Using Neuromodulation to Help Smokers Quit

isabel leming

by Isabel Leming, TMS Technician

Isabel Leming explains how rTMS can help smokers to beat their nicotine addiction.

Learn how repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation could help stop smoking.

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depressed brain scan

Brain Scans Show How TMS Treats Depression

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) uses a pulsing magnetic field to activate or suppress the brain centres associated with a number of medical and psychiatric disorders.

If you were wondering how that works, these brain scan images illustrate the difference between a brain in a depressed and non-depressed state.

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tms addiction treatment

Emma Kenny, This Morning: TMS Addiction Treatment

‘This Morning’ resident psychologist, Emma Kenny, explored the difficulties of addiction last month, including gambling, alcohol, drug dependency.

When she mentioned TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) as a potential form of treatment, search and enquiries at TMS provider Smart TMS rocketed, as viewers wanted to know more about the revolutionary treatment.

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childrens mental health week

Children’s Mental Health Week #BeingOurselves

Smart TMS is pleased to be supporting Children’s Mental Health Week – a campaign by Place2Be which is now in its fourth year. 

The campaign runs from Monday 5th February to Sunday 11th February and includes a range of activities to support mental health and emotional wellbeing in the young.

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Cosmopolitan: Blood Test for Suicidal Tendencies

Cosmopolitan article ‘A new blood test could identify whether you are more likely to be suicidal’ looks at the discovery of a link between blood proteins and predisposition to suicidal tendencies. 

A new study has suggested that there were lower levels of a particular blood protein, known as BDNF, in those who had previously experienced suicidal thoughts; indicating that there could be potential for using a blood test to determine a person’s suicide risk.

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rtms equipment dublin

Photos – See Inside TMS Clinic in Dublin, Ireland

Business Advice: Could your employees be suffering with seasonal affective disorder? Effects of SAD in the workplace feature in Business Advice by Dr Leigh Neal.

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My Weekly: How To Avoid The January Blues

My Weekly shares Smart TMS’s advice on dealing with the January blues – the low mood that can occur after Christmas and in the New Year. 

Severe cases of seasonal depression and lethargy cold be Seasonal Affective Disorder.
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