Depression Treatment Testimonial – Rory 

Rory tells his story of rTMS Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for severe, long term depression in this moving video.

His life-changing treatment sessions were held at Smart TMS London.

Living With Depression

“I’ve been on medication for depression.

“People look at you… they see this person who looks confident and everything and inside, just half the time you’re crumbling.

“Two months ago I wouldn’t even have been outside, you know, I’d have been hid in the house. I’d only go out for a walk when it’d gone dark.

“It’s very lonely, you know, you’re in your own little world.

Feelings About TMS Treatment

During a treatment session, Rory tells the TMS technician:

“I think you’re more excited than frightened because you just think there’s something else that can help you, you know, do something for you.”

TMS Treatment Results

“This has certainly enabled me to take back control to that degree where I can work, I can live some kind of normality.

“I would tell anybody if they can do this just at least speak to them here, speak to the doctors.

“Sounds a bit cliched but without it I more than likely wouldn’t have a life – you wonder where you would be now.”

The Impact Of Depression On Friends and Family

“When you see what effect it does have on people who are close to you, they getting broken too because they can’t stand seeing what it does to you

“It’s just fantastic that there’s something out there that can actually give me my life back and give them their life back too.”


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