TMS Treatment Review – Alex’s story

Alex was plagued by OCD that took over almost every aspect of his life until he found repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

He and his wife, Paulette, tell his story of treatment at Smart TMS : South Kensington, in this video testimonial.

Living with OCD

“The first time I was actually officially diagnosed with OCD was 1990. It got so bad that I was constantly retracing my steps to see whether I’d left obstacles for people to trip over.”

“When I was driving, I’d drive back and forth over the same piece of road to see whether I’d run people over. I’d check footpaths to see if I’d hit people, knocked them to the ground or pushed people into canals, so I was constantly retracing my steps. It would take me a lot of time – it was very exhausting!”

Alex TMS review

TMS information and first steps

“I first heard about Smart TMS through my wife, Paulette, who had seen the treatment done in America.”

“I’ve tried many, many treatments before, but none have really worked, so I was very surprised and relieved when Smart TMS treatment worked.”

“I noticed the difference straight after the first 30 minute session. I came out into the foyer there and I felt much more relaxed, there weren’t nearly as many thoughts as there were to begin with, in fact there were very few thoughts!”

TMS treatment experience

“Smart TMS has changed my life radically. I can function properly now, go for a walk, go to work. There isn’t that constant bombardment of thoughts so I can actually concentrate on what’s going on around me. It just makes the quality of life and the quality of everything I do much better.

When Paulette met Alex, he was really suffering from his OCD symptoms. She says;

“I would definitely recommend Smart TMS to people. If they have any doubts, they need to just come along and perhaps chat to the staff. We asked lots of questions before we came along and I would absolutely recommend it.”

Alex Jones

portsmouth news

As seen in Portsmouth News

Alex appeared in the Portsmouth News to highlight his recovery and help to raise awareness of TMS. We are grateful to patients who are able to share their stories, as this is very helpful for those considering treatment. 

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