Your Initial Consultation

The Smart TMS clinics are discreet and private with a team of friendly and experienced staff to put you at ease and explain everything thoroughly, every step of the way.

There is no need to attend a separate psychiatric hospital or psychiatric clinic for your assessment or treatment – we can arrange a consultation at one of our TMS treatment clinics where our experts will assess your condition and decide with you whether rTMS is the appropriate treatment for you.  You can continue to be treated by your usual specialist or therapist as well if you wish – we can discuss how TMS treatment fits in with any ongoing treatment.

You can contact Smart TMS now by email or by telephone for more information.  We will accept referrals from your GP or any medical specialist, or you can self-refer.

TMS Treatment Video

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Your Treatment Sessions

You will meet the Senior TMS Technician who will be able to answer any practical questions about the treatment.  A personal white cotton cap will be provided and after this is placed on your head, markings will be made by the Senior TMS Technician to determine the location where magnet is placed and the treatment is focused.

You will then move to lie down on a comfortable adjustable couch and the magnetic head will be fixed over the appropriate part of the brain for the treatment session to commence.  Depending on the condition being treated each treatment session will last between 5 minutes and 40 minutes.  The number of sessions required varies with each condition and this will be discussed with you before the treatment commences.

The magnetic head placed over your scalp delivers rapid magnetic pulses. The pulses make a clicking sound.  The pulses feel like a tapping on the scalp, but without the sensation of anything touching the skin.  During each session you can watch television, read or simply sit back and relax.

After each treatment session, you can drive and resume your normal day. TMS is non-invasive, meaning it does not involve surgery, and it is also non-systemic, meaning no drugs are used, and therefore there are no drug side effects.

As you progress through your therapy, we will regularly assess your progress and this may determine the eventual number of treatments.


rTMS is not suitable for people with any surgically implanted metal work in the brain and it is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18 years.  If you have a history of epilepsy or any condition or medication increasing the risk of epilepsy, then this should be discussed with your doctor or the rTMS Consultant.

The risk of any side effects should be weighed up with the benefits of treatment.  The majority of people using rTMS do not suffer from any side effects.