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Our experts regularly appear in the media on issues relating to mental health, addiction and treatment.

We also offer case studies of patients who received TMS treatment.

Smart TMS is the largest provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatments in the UK and Ireland.

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What is TMS treatment?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive, medication-free treatment, proven effective in treating depression, addiction and many other conditions.

Treatment uses pulsing magnetic fields to activate or suppress the brain centres associated with certain medical and psychiatric disorders

Our media experts

Dr Leigh A Neal

Dr Leigh A Neal


  • Consultant in Psychiatry and Neuromodulation
  • Former Honorary Senior Lecturer Kings College London
  • Medical Director and Cofounder Smart TMS

“Having worked in psychiatry for over 20 years, it is no exaggeration to say that rTMS treatment has revolutionised the way professionals think about treating patients suffering from severe depression. Resetting the brain patterns goes to the root of the problem without flooding the body with chemicals.

“It’s been a privilege to see patients open up and start to smile again. As the course of treatment progresses there’s more interaction and laughter and we’re able to meet the person who has been trapped by depression for many years.”

Gerard Barnes

Gerard Barnes


  • Founded Smart TMS in 2015 with Medical Director Dr Leigh Neal.
  • Experienced media commentator
  • Healthcare sector professional

“We’re in a time of change in the UK. In recent years mental illness was rarely discussed or even acknowledged but today more and more people are openly speaking about the illness that affects so many of us, and seeking treatment for it.

“TMS is a hugely successful treatment for mental health issues but it is still not widely available in the UK. With so many people impacted by the illness each year, we hope that our service will bring greater awareness and support for mental health sufferers across the UK.”

About Smart TMS

Leading the UK in TMS treatment

Founded in 2015, our UK-based clinics are registered with CQC (Care Quality Commission). With our own dedicated clinicians, staff and clinics, we provide a caring, personalised service to help patients make a full recovery wherever possible.

Since opening our first clinic in London in 2015, we’ve provided TMS treatment for hundreds of patients who are suffering from the debilitating effects of depression, OCD, addictions and other mental health conditions.

With clinics across the UK, Scotland and Ireland, we are now the leading providers of this treatment.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation pioneers

  • First clinic to offer TMS for OCD and other mental health conditions, aside from depression, in the UK
  • First clinic to offer TMS for cocainesmokingalcohol and other addictions in the UK
  • First clinic to offer TMS treatment in Ireland
  • First clinic to offer TMS treatment for 16/17 year olds
  • Expanding clinic network for wider access to treatment
  • Online video assessments – convenient/cheaper for patients
  • Continuous Care post-treatment aftercare programme for long-term maintenance

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