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Our Bristol clinic opened in July 2018, offering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to patients throughout the South West of England in association with Ectron, a provider of TMS machines and equipment.

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14 Anvil Street, Bristol, BS2 0QQ


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Monday to Friday 9am-5pm


Smart TMS is located a short, scenic walk away from Temple Meads train station. Buses are also available from the city centre.


There is limited parking available at the clinic and plenty of on street parking and a large car park near by.

Conditions we treat

TMS has been proven to treat depression and anxiety as well as other mental health conditions and some addictions. Smart TMS was the first UK clinic to offer TMS treatment for conditions other than depression.

Most of the patients we treat here at Smart TMS Bristol (around 70%) are suffering from clinical depression – including seasonal affective disorder (SAD), perinatal depression and bipolar disorder.

We also offer TMS treatment for thefollowing conditions:

  • generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • addictions to cocaine, smoking and alcohol
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • depersonalisation disorder (DPD)
  • borderline personality disorder (BPD)



Alicia completed her BSc Psychology degree at the University of Birmingham where she studied a variety of psychological topics, such as the neurobiology of mental illness, motivation and behaviour, and psychological therapies and treatments.

As a current volunteer Text Responder for Shout and a volunteer Mentor for young girls, Alicia has gained invaluable experience supporting and building encouraging relationships with individuals experiencing mental health difficulties or in crisis. She also worked as a Support Worker, supporting children and young people with learning disabilities on a one-to-one basis, whereby many of whom were also dealing with mental health difficulties. These experiences further encourage her passion for increasing the understanding and awareness of, and providing the best care for, individuals with learning disabilities who are also experiencing comorbid mental health conditions.

In her free time, Alicia enjoys ice skating and dance classes, hiking, and tasting new foods.

Review of TMS Treatment in Bristol

A very professional and friendly team at Smart TMS.

Before trying TMS I had tried numerous treatments for treatment resistant major depression and anxiety. TMS has helped me achieve remission where other treatments have failed, without experiencing the numerous and negative side effects of medication.

I chose Smart TMS due to their having the largest network of clinics and so if I am away there is usually a clinic not too far away. Also, Smart TMS offer some very time efficient treatment protocols greatly reducing the amount of time spent at the clinic so I could get on with my day. I found treatment to be pain free and hassle free. My practitioner was very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful.

Having achieved remission, I am continuing with Continuous Care maintenance sessions to maintain the fantastic results of treatment, particularly in the darker winter months!

Name withheld

What our patients say

I’m still not taking any medication – This is the longest I have been off of anti-depressants in almost 10 years and I am loving not having to cope with the side effects.


For the first time in 24 years, I now feel significantly better; I’ve even started playing guitar and spending time outdoors again. My brain feels alive and the sadness I’ve felt for so long has been replaced by a smile


At the time I received treatment I was my lowest. I had been ill for so many years that I had forgotten what my life was like. TMS was a life changer for me. I am certain it saved my life.


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