FREE Safety Screening

Your safety screening is completely free of charge. If your patient advisor flags any issues that may mean you’re unsuitable to receive TMS treatment, they will discuss with your clinician beforehand to make sure you’re not paying for an initial consultation unnecessarily.

Before you have a consultation with one of our clinicians, we’ll ask you to complete some online questionnaires. These will allow your care team to have a good insight into your medical history and how you’re feeling now. Your patient advisor will use these forms to ensure you’re safe to receive treatment – they’ll check that you don’t have any ferromagnetic metal implants in your head, for example.

Initial Consultation

Your patient advisor will assist you in booking an appointment with one of our clinicians, who will talk to you about your condition and prescribe your TMS treatment. The cost of this consultation will be deducted from your first course of treatment.

Initial online consultation (deductible from your first course of treatment)

Initial consultation in person (London clinic only)

Depression and anxiety

At Smart TMS, we recognise that a large percentage of our patients suffer from depression and anxiety alongside one another. For this reason, we treat these two conditions together within the same session.

TMS treatment for depression and anxiety is split into two courses. After 15 sessions, the results of the treatment are very apparent for most patients. If you’re one of the 30% of patients who don’t respond to TMS, and you’re not seeing any benefits by this point, your clinician may be able to suggest an alternative treatment programme or treatment can be stopped.

TMS for depression and anxiety: treatment costs

First course of treatment (including deducted consultation fee)

Second course of treatment

We may be able to provide up to three sessions a day.
Most of the patients we treat for depression go into remission after two courses of treatment (30 sessions).

Many private health insurance providers now cover TMS treatment for depression. We also offer the Smart TMS Payment Plan to make treatment for depression and anxiety more affordable.


Cocaine, alcohol and smoking
TMS treatment for addiction is delivered in a course of 15 sessions. Additional treatment can be booked as per the advice of your clinician.

TMS for addictions: treatment costs

Course of treatment (15 sessions)

Other mental health conditions

We usually recommend an initial course of ten treatment sessions to make sure TMS works for you. Additional treatment is booked in courses of ten sessions.

TMS for other mental health conditions: treatment costs

Course of treatment (10 sessions)

For the costs of ongoing TMS treatment after your initial course of treatment, see Continuous Care

Continuous Care

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