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Smart TMS is pleased to work with a variety of carefully selected partners across the UK, to ensure that we bring our patients the best possible service and convenience.

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The Wilderness Programme is a unique opportunity for anyone proactively seeking to exist in a new and more positive way. Specifically designed to help meet the needs of adult individuals simply needing genuine ‘Time Out’ or struggling with aspects of life. It is also for those coming to terms with, or in recovery of issues such as addictions, professional burn out, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health issues.

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Smart TMS are proud members of the Independent Doctors Federation, or IDF. The federation promotes excellence within the independent medical sector and is the independent doctors in all matters relating to private medicine, their education and revalidation.

The Smart Clinics is based in South Kensington and is home to our flagship clinic, alongside various other private medical services.

Schoen Clinic Centre for Mental Health Chelsea is a specialised outpatient facility treating  eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Located close to our South Kensington clinic, we are delighted to be partnered with the team, increasing treatment opportunities for patients of both clinics.

Home to Smart TMS : Edinburgh, The Edinburgh Clinic offers treatments for everyone, from dentistry to cosmetic surgery. Smart TMS leads the way with our first Scottish clinic.

Diagnostic Healthcare, based in Leeds, provide care to both private and NHS patients. Smart TMS added transcranial magnetic stimulation to the services offered within Diagnostic Healthcare in 2019.

magventureMagventure aim to be the most dynamic and innovative provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment, and provide the TMS machines for around 90% of the Smart TMS network of clinics.

ectronSmart TMS : Bristol works alongside Ectron, the provider of the transcranial magnetic stimulation machine we use in the Bristol clinic – the DuoMag.

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