Aleks George Srbinoski : Maximum Mental Health Overview Week 1

Behaviour Is King

Maximum Mental Health by Aleks Srbinoski

Smart TMS clinician and clinical psychologist Aleks Srbinoski is passionate about positive psychology and strives to help every patient he sees achieve mental wellness, be it through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), self help techniques or talking therapies. In addition, he is a speaker and author of three books on the Amazon best-sellers list.

Maximum Mental Health focuses on overcoming depression and anxiety. It uses 20 principles for happier and healthier living and includes mindfulness downloads to use whilst reading the book.

Week 1: Behaviour is King

Opening the book, the first chapter begins;

“You are not what you think!

“You are not what you feel!

“You become what you do.”

Aleks believes that you should judge yourself in the same way a court of law would judge you. They wouldn’t judge you on your thoughts, or your feelings. However, a court would judge you on the actions you take.

Everyone has thoughts that might be peculiar from time to time and we all may question whether our thoughts make us a bad person. Aleks compares this to a postal worker. Firstly, he instructs the reader to imagine walking down the road, when a dog barks at you aggressively. Then, you imagine kicking the dog so that it stops barking and leaves you alone.

“The Judge hears the story and asks…

Judge: What did you do then?

You: Nothing.

Judge: Then you’re free to go. Case dismissed”

Within this analogy, Aleks demonstrates how it doesn’t matter what you thought about the dog because you didn’t act on it. This can be related to most aspects of life. For instance, if you’re having a stressful day at work and imagine walking out, you wouldn’t face the consequences unless you chose to act upon the thought.

Top Tip Of The Week

Aleks suggests;

“Turn this upcoming statement of one similar into a mantra that you repeat to yourself regularly throughout the day. ‘What I do now is who I am becoming’. Do this at least three times at the start of any important task.”

By reminding yourself that you can only be judged on your actions, you will begin to motivate yourself to be the person you want to be. Acknowledging that the actions you choose to take impact your life as a whole lets you appreciate how important your behaviour really is.

Try doing this for a week. How do you feel as a result? Do you feel more confident in your conscious choices?

To learn more about revealing the secret of motivation psychology, Aleks’ book is available on Amazon. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on our blog for weekly top tips hand-picked from Maximum Mental Health by the Smart TMS team.

Week 2

In the next chapter, Aleks looks at controlling your environment before it controls you. Next week, we will highlight one of Aleks’ many top tips to help you towards a happier life.