Continuous Care

A large majority of our patients here at Smart TMS achieve remission by the end of their prescribed treatment, meaning they’re no longer clinically classed as suffering from their mental health condition, but life can have its ups and downs.

The team at Smart TMS has worked to develop aftercare programs to suit everyone.

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Smart TMS Monthly

Suitable for patients who have entered remission during their treatment, Smart TMS Monthly offers two Theta-Burst* TMS sessions each month to keep the positive effects of treatment topped up, keeping you well for longer.

£200 per month

*Theta-Burst sessions are quick and intense but highly effective for maintaining the great results of treatment. Two sessions will be booked into one appointment.

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Smart TMS On-Demand

Suitable for patients who have entered remission during their treatment, Smart TMS On-Demand is a membership programme offering exclusive discounts on treatment if you feel like you need a TMS boost.

£60 per month

Your membership fee includes exclusive discounts

  • £150 per session for depression and anxiety
  • £190 per session for all other conditions

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Smart TMS Ad-Hoc

If you don’t feel our Monthly maintenance plan or our On-Demand membership are right for you, don’t worry – our team can also offer ad-hoc top up sessions of TMS as and when you need them, to keep you feeling at the top of your game.


Just call the team of patient advisors on 0345 222 5678 to receive a quick questionnaire about how you’re feeling and book into your local clinic.

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Expert Advice

Whether you’ve been treated by us or another TMS provider, if you’re interested in learning more about our aftercare programmes call our expert patient advisors

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Continuous Care – Maintenance/Aftercare Plan

Smart TMS continually review latest research to ensure the optimum treatment is provided for each individual patient and their condition. Following a successful course of TMS, we recommend our patients join one of our Continuous Care programmes. The aim of Continuous Care is to maintain the positive results of the initial course of TMS and prevent potential relapse.

We offer a range of solutions to help you maintain your results, as outlined above. One of our advisors would be very happy to chat through which aftercare option is best for you. ☎ 0345 222 5678

Yes, we offer Continuous Care for all our TMS treatments. Please get in touch to find out more.

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