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Transcranial magnetic stimulation aftercare programs to suit everyone

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At Smart TMS, we are committed to your long-term mental wellbeing and want to ensure that the effects of your TMS treatment last as long as possible
A large majority of our patients here at Smart TMS achieve remission by the end of their prescribed treatment, meaning they’re no longer clinically classed as suffering from their mental health condition, but life can have its ups and downs.

Evidence suggests that the greatest risk of relapse occurs in the first 4 weeks and up to 12 weeks following acute TMS treatment. We have therefore created specific maintenance packages called ‘Continuous Care’ to reduce the risk of relapse.

The majority of research on TMS maintenance uses ‘tapering’ to bridge the gap between the acute treatment phase and monthly maintenance sessions by gradually reducing the number of sessions over a set period. All of our year one packages include tapering over the first few months.

Continuous care aftercare prices

Standard depression treatment year 1

Treatment plan
Schedule Number sessions
Month 1 4
Month 2 3
Month 3 2
Month 4-12 1
Total 18
London Other Locations
Monthly cost £240 £210
Total cost £2,880 £2,520
Discounted cost
(paid up front)
£2,304 £2,016

Other depression treatment and all other conditions year 1

Treatment plan
Schedule Number sessions
Month 1 8
Month 2 4
Month 3 3
Month 4 2
Month 5-12 1
Total 25
London Other Locations
Monthly cost £333.33 £291.66
Total cost £4,000 £3,500
Discounted cost
(paid up front)
£3,200 £2,800

All other conditions year 2

Treatment plan
Schedule Number sessions
Month 1-12 1
Total 12
London Other Locations
Monthly cost £160 £140
Total cost £1,920 £1,680
Discounted cost
(paid up front)
£1,536 £1,344

Recovery commitment

In the case of a relapse, we will provide treatment sessions at the recommendation of the prescribing clinician and at the reduced rate of £160 per session for London clinics and £140 per session for non-London clinics for anyone who is signed up to our Continuous Care programme.

Continuous Care – Maintenance/Aftercare Plan FAQs

How can improvements in symptoms be maintained once treatment is complete?
Smart TMS continually review latest research to ensure the optimum treatment is provided for each individual patient and their condition. Following a successful course of TMS, we recommend our patients join one of our Continuous Care programmes. The aim of Continuous Care is to maintain the positive results of the initial course of TMS and prevent potential relapse.
What Continuous Care options is best for me?
We offer a range of solutions to help you maintain your results, as outlined above. One of our advisors would be very happy to chat through which aftercare option is best for you. ☎ 0345 222 5678
Is Continuous Care available for conditions other than depression?
Yes, we offer Continuous Care for all our TMS treatments. Please get in touch to find out more.
Terms and conditions
Continuous Care packages are available to self-pay patients only, not available to NHS patients or patients covered by private medical insurance; patients are signing up to a 12-month contract of treatment; sessions cannot be refunded; any missed sessions can be caught up in the following month but must be used within the 12-month contract period; the business reserves the right to update or change these terms and conditions at any time.