How To Cope With Christmas – Mental Health Top Tips #1

Christmas can be a stressful for us all, but if you’re suffering with a mental health condition, like depression, anxiety or OCD, it can be a particularly traumatic time of year.

Keep an eye on our blog throughout December. The team at Smart TMS have collated a list of their top tips for coping throughout the Christmas period, which they share with you. Firstly, Abie – our practitioner running Smart TMS : Manchester – reminds us to remember to care for ourselves.

Have some ‘me’ time

Abie recommends taking yourself away from the festivities. Don’t feel guilty for taking a step back and taking some time for yourself, whether it’s snuggling up with a movie or going for a quick walk to de-stress. This should prevent you becoming overwhelmed.

Putting your own needs first, even if it is just for ten minutes a day, allows you to recharge your batteries ready for more festive fun.

Christmas mental health

Why not try some of our suggestions?

  • Take a walk in the crisp winter air – the exercise will help your brain to release more serotonin;
  • Pamper yourself – you don’t need to visit a spa to feel pampered, you could run yourself a bath or give yourself a mini manicure;
  • Watch a movie – whether it’s a festive film or your all time favourite, snuggle down and enjoy;
  • Enjoy your hobby – have you been neglecting your hobbies this year? Take the time out to do what you love;
  • Clear your head – meditation, yoga or even sitting down to listen to your favourite music can clear away any worries that have been playing on your mind.