Express: NHS Starting to Offer TMS Depression Treatment

The Sunday Express had a feature on 19th March which explained that rTMS is ‘A REVOLUTIONARY drug-free magnetic wave therapy for depression’.

“The hand-held magnetic device works by stimulating the area of the brain that affects mood, anxiety, decision making, appetite, energy and sleep, an area thought to be malfunctioning in depression.”

“Scientists believe this encourages the area to “re-wire and grow more connections” in order to function properly again.”

TMS Really Works

TMS Sunday ExpressrTMS offers a medication-free ‘cure’ for depression and has been shown effective in up to 70% of patients, even where traditional methods such as medication and/or talking therapies have failed.

Dr Alex O’Neill-Kerr, Consultant Adviser to SmartTMS and Medical Director of Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust told the Sunday Express:

“This treatment has given hope to people who have lost hope because the medical profession has not got answers for them and antidepressant drugs don’t work for so many.

“From a patient perspective we have seen life-changing results in people who have been depressed for a decade or more. I see patients who are so depressed they can hardly speak, make no eye contact and are not functioning.

“After four weeks of treatment they are laughing, talking and smiling. It is quite remarkable.”

Smart TMS has been working in partnership with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) to increase the availability of the treatment in both London and Northampton and eventually nationwide for both NHS and private patients.

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NHS Availability

The current status of NHS availability is limited to Northamptonshire and Camden and Islington NHS Trusts, who have been trialling the system. On the basis of the very positive results, other trusts are now looking to use rTMS for treating depression as well.

The Sunday Express feature says that the treatment is ‘to be rolled out across the NHS’, saying:

“The ground-breaking NICE-approved pulse wave treatment has shown such huge promise following a series of large scale studies that NHS trusts are adopting the technique as an alternative to traditional drug-based and talking treatments.

“The procedure, already widely used in the United States, was recently adopted by the NHS following the startling results of clinical trials showing it can dramatically reduce symptoms of treatment resistant depression.”

Media Links

Read the full story on the Sunday Express website:

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TMS Treatment

at Smart TMS, London

Since publication of the feature, Smart TMS has seen a surge in website traffic and enquiries from patients keen to learn more about the treatment.

As well as working with NHFT for NHS provision, Smart TMS also offer treatment for private patients.


Smart TMS is a specialist provider of TMS treatment in London. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy (rTMS) is a technological breakthrough in the treatment of depression with a variety of further potential treatment applications. It is a non-invasive treatment for depression which uses magnetic impulses to work on areas of the brain affected by depression and has the approval of NICE.

Smart TMS is located within The Smart Clinics in South Kensington/Brompton Cross.


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