Health & Wellbeing: 7 Ways to Support a Loved One

What do you say to someone who’s struggling with physical or emotional challenges? It can be awkward to know what to do for the best. 

Health & Wellbeing magazine looked at how to support someone in such times. They sought input from Smart TMS on how to help someone with depression.

The article introduces:

“Thanks to the amazing work of the NHS, we’re diagnosing things more accurately and prescribing more  advanced medicine, but we often despair as a friend or family member when it comes to emotionally supporting someone with their mental or physical health.”

The guide is designed to give practical tips and advice.

How to Help A Loved One with Depression

The article explains:

Smart TMS Technician Abie told the magazine:

The article gives the following advice:

“You don’t have to offer a solution to their troubles there and then, just learning to listen and ensure you’re not bringing the focus of your conversation back to yourself is a great first step. If someone is suffering far away,
show them that you care by sending a card or a hamper of their favourite things.”

Other challenging situations covered in the feature included how to help someone with a cancer diagnosis, disordered eating, fertility issues, social anxiety, type 2 diabetes and stress.

The article appeared in Health & Wellbeing magazine. For more articles on ‘healthy mind’ issues see:

Abie, TMS Technician at Smart TMS

abie smart tmsAbie is a member of the Smart TMS team of technicians at our Manchester TMS Clinic.

Her qualifications and experience prior to working at Smart TMS include:

  • Psychology Bsc (Hons) at Lancaster University, with a certificate of distinction
  • Currently studying MSc in Developmental Disorders
  • N-compass Northwest volunteer – advocacy and carer support
  • Experience of peer mentoring, supporting disaffected youth and co-facilitating support groups for mental well-being


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