How To Help A Friend/Relative With Depression

It can be heartbreaking to see a loved one suffer with any kind of illness and mental health issues are no exception. 

At Smart TMS, many of the contacts we receive are from patients’ spouses, partners, family or friends. Sometimes when you’re ill you just can’t cope with the thought of having to make that call or send an email. In these cases it helps to have someone who’ll help you with that first step.

How to help someone with depression

The very first step to helping someone with mental wellbeing is often the hardest and that is opening up a conversation.

If someone has spoken to you about how they are feeling then they’ve already taken a huge step in acknowledging that something is not right.

If you haven’t yet had a conversation but are worried that something is wrong, then it’s time to ask. To avoid confrontation, going on a walk or meeting in a coffee shop can help. Be sensitive, gentle and brave in asking how they are and how you can help.

Once you’ve established that someone is struggling the next step is to give them space to talk and listen to how they are feeling. It may be upsetting to hear about difficult emotions, or else simply frustrating if they’re finding it difficult to talk. Stay calm and patient and give them the time they need to unload and unpack some of their feelings.

Don’t feel that you have to ‘fix’ the problem for them. Mental health is complex. It may take counselling, antidepressants or other treatment like TMS therapy to help them recover.

The most important part of supporting a friend or relative is to let them know you care and are happy to listen to them. Keep in touch, keep the conversation going, encourage them to get out rather than stay in and offer to help them find the right treatment. Depression is no overnight cure – be patient and persistent.

If you are worried that they have discussed suicidal feelings, encourage them to contact a GP or NHS 111 or else you can do so on their behalf.

TMS Medication-Free Depression Treatment

If you’d like to find out more about the TMS treatment for depression offered at Smart TMS, feel free to get in touch. Our team understand how awkward and difficult it can be to support someone with depression and we’re happy to help and advise.

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