West Wales Chronicle: Is Wales the most depressed country in the UK?

40% of people in Wales have suffered from undiagnosed depression

But what does this mean?

Wales-mental-healthEditors at West Wales Chronicle have reported on exclusive research conducted by Smart TMS, which reported that 40% of people in Wales suffer, or have suffered, from depression that hasn’t been officially diagnosed. The question of whether depression in Wales is higher than elsewhere in the UK. They highlighted that within the UK:

Mental illness costs the economy a staggering £94 billion annually.

This can include costs to the NHS, as prescriptions for antidepressants being at an all time high. With 30% of depression sufferers urging their GP to offer alternatives, West Wales Chronicle questioned:

Are current mainstream treatments working?

There is significant research into how well antidepressants can work when battling depression. But, for some, antidepressants and talking therapies aren’t enough to treat the debilitating effects. For others, they would prefer not to go down that route. The good news is, depression is treatable without flooding your body with chemicals, and Smart TMS can help.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a safe, effective treatment for mental health conditions. With very few side effects, a large majority of patients are suitable to receive TMS. Furthermore, according to our audit*, 75% of patients with depression saw a significant reduction in the symptoms that ruled their lives. TMS really can help you get your life back on track.

Taking the first step in asking for help is often the hardest. But, once you’ve made it, we can guide you the rest of the way. So, don’t suffer in silence – Contact our team.

*Smart TMS audit dated April 2019

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