New Hope for Treatment Resistant Depression

Millions of people live with mental illness for which medication or talking therapies simply don’t work. Now Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment (TMS) offers new hope with an alternative treatment option.

TMS therapy has been approved by NICE in the UK as well as the FDA in USA for treating depression. It has demonstrated promising results and is earning respect and recognition within the mental health industry through the numerous clinical studies that support its efficacy.

How many people have ‘treatment resistant’ depression?

Experts estimate that almost 30% of major depressive disorders are treatment resistant. The figure suggested for the UK equates to 2.7 million people with treatment resistant depression (TRD). This represents  heavy burden which NHS psychiatric services struggles to manage.

TRD is more common in women – more than double the ratio to male patients – and 30% of bipolar disorder patients are classed as treatment resistant during the depressive phases.

TRD comorbidities

Those with TRD are twice as likely to suffer from comorbidities such as

TMS alternative for treatment resistant’ depression

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment is a non-invasive procedure which can offer an alternative option for patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

As a medication-free solution, it is a completely different approach to treating depression.

Using a process called ‘neuromodulation’ the treatment delivers repeated magnetic pulses which increase blood flow in areas of the brain that are associated with depression. This helps to rebuild pathways in the area, returning more normal levels of activity in the areas of the brain connected to positivity and happiness.

At Smart TMS, a study of 70 consecutive patients saw excellent results as:

  • 75% had a significant reduction in their symptoms
  • 60% went into remission

This means that TMS has a higher rate of effectiveness than some antidepressants.


Smart TMS was established in 2015, dedicated to providing TMS treatment in London at their South Kensington centre. The company opened a second clinic in Birmingham in September 2017 and since then, has added locations in Dublin, Northampton, Manchester, Bristol, Hampshire, Bristol, Edinburgh and a second London location. See our TMS clinics.


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