Mending Minds Campaign

The more we talk about mental health, the better!

This year, we’ve launched our #MendingMinds campaign to help people better understand their mental health

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For this campaign, we have created a series of infographics that break down some of the science behind different mental health conditions. We also look at who might be more susceptible to specific conditions, what the possible triggers could be and also look at the impact that the recent pandemic could have on mental health. Click on the links below to view the infographics


Depression Infographic

Depression TMS Infographic
Infographic – Depression

Anxiety Infographic

Depression TMS Infographic
Infographic –

OCD Infographic

OCD TMS Infographic
Infographic –

Addiction Infographic

Addiction TMS Infographic
Infographic – Addiction

Mental Health Self-Care Packs

We have also created a series of self-care packs to support people to manage their mental health in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The packs are based on tools we have been using in our mental health support helpline and have been tailored to different conditions including: depression, anxiety, OCD and addiction.

To download the packs, simply click the link below relevant to your condition. You will be asked to complete a form with your email address to receive the pack*. Please note, the packs may take a couple of hours to be sent to you.

*A valid email address is required to receive a copy of the mental health wellness pack. There is an option to opt-in to receive marketing emails and email preferences can be changed at any time.

Important information

The wellness packs have been created from evidence based techniques, commonly used in mental health practice. Each tool has been created so it can be worked through in your own time. However, we are also offering telephone support to those who would like additional support to work through the activities with one of our practitioners.

Please call if you would like to book a session with one of our practitioners.

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N.B. These activities are not in place of medical advice. If you feel you need immediate mental health support, please contact your GP or call the Samaritans on; 116 123 

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