Patient story

Last week we shared Andy’s* story about his experience with TMS treatment as part of our reflection from our fifth birthday this month. Today, we hear from John* who was treated for major depression and anxiety. 

*Not real name

A very professional and friendly team at Smart TMS. Before trying TMS I had tried numerous treatments for treatment resistant major depression and anxiety. TMS has helped me achieve remission where other treatments have failed, without experiencing the numerous and negative side effects of medication. I chose Smart TMS due to their having the largest network of clinics and so if I am away there is usually a clinic not too far away. Also, Smart TMS offer some very time efficient treatment protocols greatly reducing the amount of time spent at the clinic so I could get on with my day. I found treatment to be pain free and hassle free. My practitioner was very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. Having achieved remission, I am continuing with Continuous Care maintenance sessions to maintain the fantastic results of treatment, particularly in the darker winter months!


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