rTMS for New Depression Diagnosis

Dr Leigh A Neal, Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director at Smart TMS in London, explains how repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment would be offered to patients with a new diagnosis of depression and where TMS fits in with psychological treatment or antidepressants.

This was discussed in a recent interview on UK Health Radio’s Sunshine UKay Health Show.

Dr Neal explains that most patients have long-term, chronic depression and have already tried other treatments.

However, in the scenario where a patient with a more recent diagnosis works, there is a protocol for reviewing the most appropriate treatment. Neal explains:

“If for example we had someone who came to us and had just been diagnosed with depression we would certainly offer them psychological treatment first and then we would explain to them about the option of antidepressant medication and we would explain to them the option of TMS; and then it would really be up to them to make the decision what they wanted to have treatment with first,.

“If you look at the depression guidelines produced by NICE in 2010, the first line of treatment with any depressive illness should really be psychological treatment; then you would normally try at least one or two antidepressants first. So we would normally encourage particularly psychological treatment, but if someone was very much against antidepressant treatment, then as long as they were fully informed about the benefits and disadvantages of both antidepressants and TMS, we would provide TMS first if that was their preferred option.”

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Dr Leigh A Neal is a consultant psychiatrist and Medical Director of  Smart TMS, a London-based clinic offering Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – a non-medication-based mental health treatment.

He has been a Consultant Psychiatrist for over 20 years with a career including work within the Armed Forces, NHS and Independent Sector.


Smart TMS is a specialist provider of TMS treatment in London. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy (rTMS) is a technological breakthrough in the treatment of depression with a variety of further potential treatment applications.

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