Southampton Clinic Brings rTMS Treatment to Hampshire

Following openings in Manchester and Bristol, Smart TMS has confirmed that the next new location in its UK expansion is Southampton, bringing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment to patients in Hampshire and the South coast of England. 

The new rTMS clinic is set to open in October 2018 with the address still to be confirmed, but the chosen location will ensure that treatment is highly accessible for patients attending for daily treatment sessions.

Smart TMS Southampton

The Southampton clinic will be the third opened by Smart TMS during 2018, following expansion in the North West with Manchester in May 2018 and the South West with a Bristol clinic opened in July.

The Southampton clinic will be great news for those looking to access Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment in the South, who had previously had to travel to London for treatment.

Smart TMS see accessibility as a key feature of the treatment, which typically requires a session a day for the first 3-4 weeks (this can vary depending on the condition being treated and the individual’s response).

A spokesperson from Smart TMS explained:

“Since our launch in 2015, we’ve had a lot of interest in rTMS treatment. Initially operating from our London clinic, patients would travel from all over the UK, making arrangements to travel in or stay locally during the treatment.

“By opening more centres, we are able to make treatment available to a lot more people, simply by bringing it closer to home.

“It is a privilege to work with our patients and be part of their recovery for what is often a very difficult and long term condition. We treat many cases of depression, addiction, OCD and PTSD plus a range of other mental health concerns.

“We are committed to building a national network of TMS centres so that patients can find a convenient clinic for their treatment and will be planning further locations as our expansion progresses.”

RTMS Treatment

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an innovative treatment which enables patients to recover from certain mental health conditions without medication or other more aggressive intervention. The treatment uses magnets to work upon the associated areas of the brain, stimulating areas known to be related to the condition in question. rTMS requires no anaesthetic or hospital stay and has minimal side effects, which are mild and short-term where experienced.

TMS Treatments

Smart TMS in Southampton will be offering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for depression and addiction as well as OCD, PTSD, chronic primary insomnia, anxiety, borderline personality disorder (BPD) and depersonalisation disorder (DPD).

TMS Depression Treatments:

TMS Addiction Treatments:

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