Sunday Times: Middle Class Status Fixation

The Sunday Times reported on the results of a poll by Smart TMS which has provided an insight into the impact of class, status and wealth on mental health. 

The article is entitled:

“Fixation on status takes its toll on the middle class”

Findings of the survey showed that those in the middle classes felt they should not feel depressed if they were doing well financially. The Sunday Times feature explained:

“One in five middle-class people feel they do not have the right to be depressed because they are relatively successful and affluent, according to a poll conducted by Smart TMS, a depression treatment clinic.

“And about a third become very anxious when they compare their success to those around them, the survey of 2,003 people found.”

The feature invited Smart TMS CEO, Gerard Barnes, to comment on the findings of the company’s survey. Barnes explained:

“The importance of social status is having a negative influence on mental health. While the middle classes are typically seen as well-off and comfortable, the stresses of their lifestyle can induce severe anxiety.”

The reality of life for many is that despite a good household income, there are still financial worries that cause stress. 1 in 4 respondents with a household income of more than £50,000 said they failed to clear their credit card balance every month.

This article also appears on The Times website at (registration/subscription required to read in full).

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