Our dedicated team of fully trained rTMS technicians will be with you every step of the way.

When you join us for your initial treatment session you will be introduced to the relevant technician who will then act as your main point of contact within the clinic. Going forward, they will greet you upon arrival, set up your treatment protocol and sit with you throughout the session, they are there for your every need. Whoever it may be, rest assured that all our team will ensure your time with us is made as comfortable and easy as possible.


Meet the Team

Our rTMS Technicians

Jo TMS technician About Jo

Jo’s degree has allowed her to work in a variety of roles in healthcare including Personal Trainer, Bupa Training Facilitator for the London region, and most recently as Lead Health Adviser for The Smart Clinics.

She finds that her role as an rTMS technician is incredibly interesting and fulfilling, particularly when seeing the progress made by our patients.

Rhys TMS technicianAbout Rhys

Rhys graduated from St Marys University where he studied a MSc in Exercise Physiology.

Previous experience as a personal trainer has emphasised the importance of a positive mindset and psychological well being.

When working with rTMS he has found it incredibly intriguing and fulfilling to witness patients make progress during their rTMS treatment.

Roy TMS technicianAbout Roy

Roy Graduated from the University of Exeter where he studied Exercise and Sports Sciences. During this course, he learnt about the importance of maintaining a healthy psychological wellbeing.

Prior to becoming a Health Advisor, Roy previously worked as a care assistant, responsible for supporting the physical, mental and emotional welfare of others during difficult times.

Recent experience with rTMS treatment has shown promise in restoring individuals positive mental attitude.

adriana-tms-technicianAbout Adriana

Having previously worked as an independent nutritionist and expert for many years, Adriana is passionate about all aspects of health and wellbeing and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

As a rTMS technician, she experiences excellent results and works diligently with clients to encourage positive outcomes.

sylwia-tms-technicianAbout Sylwia

Sylwia has over 5 years’ experience working within the healthcare industry and is very passionate about new technologies, specifically when it can improve our patient’s lifestyle.

By her own admission, her favourite part of the treatment cycle is seeing the customer journey from end to end and observing the improvements of individual patients along the way.


“All our TMS technicians are trained according the most recent Clinical TMS Society Consensus Guidelines (2016). The Medical Director has established standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to training and ongoing criteria to maintain procedural skills for all staff involved in the delivery of TMS. All the staff have to pass a practical examination in the delivery of TMS before being permitted to treat patients. We regularly check competency and feedback to ensure the highest standards of treatment”.