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Treatment for alcohol addiction with TMS

A chance looking through a magazine led me to find out that TMS could be used to treat addiction.

I have always used food to deal with my “problems”, but when that was no longer enough, I turned to alcohol.

I realised after many years of different therapies and strategies, which didn’t deal with the root causes, I had formed a real habit. An addiction – I’d use any thing that could help lift me.

It was easy to get started with Smart TMS. I had lots of contact with Lucy who always replied promptly to my emails. There was no pressure to sign up either, which I liked.

I had a zoom call from the clinician, Alex. He explained everything very well and gave me plenty of time for answering questions. Alex gave me a prescription for treatment and referred me to a clinic.

At the clinic, although I had some knowledge of how the brain wanted to repeat familiar behaviour and how the treatment could help, I had plenty of opportunity to chat with Roxy, my practitioner, in more depth throughout the treatment. Roxy has never been judgmental and showed great empathy. She is very holistic in her approach, and we discussed many lifestyle decisions that have also helped.

I attended five times a week for 3 weeks, as prescribed by Alex. After a few sessions I grew to like the tapping on my head as I lay on the couch. I felt it was making me better.

I felt benefit by the end of the first week, maybe I was so pleased to be doing something that could work. To see the treatment working, I completed assessment forms at the end of each week.

I have now completed the course and have decided to sign up to continuous care. I still cannot believe what a difference the TMS has made. Alcohol just doesn’t interest me. I think I ignored what a hold it’s had on me for many years, and I can now reflect on times when alcohol made a mess of things for me.

I usually find change of any sort hard, so it’s been good having the continuous care option and being able to see Roxy regularly, following initial treatment.


Sassy’s Story

Hear what disability blogger and journalist Sassy Wyatt has to say about her TMS treatment.

Sassy has answered some of our most frequently asked questions in a series of short videos. She says:

“I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my treatment. I’m independent, I’m full of life, I’ve got energy again. I’ve never felt happier than I’ve ever felt in my life before.”

Treatment for food addiction with TMS

I have had “problems” with over-eating since I was 21, that’s over 20 years! I used food to relieve stress and fill an emptiness within me.

My life was occupied by food, and it took priority over many things. I felt great shame that I was behaving in this manner, and a cycle was easily set in place. I even over-ate when I was happy and thought I deserved it!

It was easy to get started with Smart TMS. There was no pressure to sign up either, which I liked.

I had a zoom call from the clinician where I received a prescription for treatment, and I was referred to a clinic.

I felt benefit by the end of the first week, maybe I was so pleased to be doing something that could work.

I have found it quite hard, bizarrely not having food take up so much of my time. I find change of any sort hard, so it’s been good having the continuous care available after the treatment and seeing my practitioner regularly. She was never judgmental and showed great empathy.


Rory’s Story

Rory describes TMS as life changing.

“Two months ago I wouldn’t even have been outside, you know, I’d have been hid in the house. I’d only go out for a walk when it’d gone dark. It’s very lonely, you know, you’re in your own little world.

“This has certainly enabled me to take back control to that degree where I can work, I can live some kind of normality.”

Treatment for anxiety with TMS

In the run up to Christmas 2017, my anxiety was at its highest. With the pressure of Christmas added to my own deteriorating mental health, I found myself struggling to leave the house to join in the festivities with my young family. I even missed my daughter’s 10th birthday party because I was so scared of leaving my safe place at home.

After months of anguish I discovered Smart TMS and received treatment with Abie in the Manchester clinic. The first weeks were a struggle and I had to face my fear of travelling alone on a busy train in the height of summer but I got through it and started to notice little improvements in my anxiety and overall mood. By the end of my sessions with Abie, my review revealed that I was no longer clinically depressed and I managed to return to work.

This Christmas, I am finally able to watch my children in their nativities and join in the family festivities, making sure I am a part of the memories that will stick with my children for a lifetime. This is the longest I’ve been off of medication in over 10 years and I can look to 2019 with renewed hope and excitement for the future.

Everybody I have come into contact with throughout my treatment, particularly Abie who has been incredibly kind, friendly, understanding and caring. I am truly so grateful for this and would like to particularly express my thanks to your clinical director who allowed treatment.

The benefits I experienced in the last seven weeks of treatment have allowed me to get back on the right track. Life with has been truly horrific and everything Smart TMS can do to address this with their treatment is fantastic as there are lots and lots of people who are suffering.

Jaime-Lee Allen

Freddie’s story – depression treatment

Freddie describes TMS as life changing.

“What I’ve experienced is a 180-degree change in how my mind works, comparable to coming out of the dark and into the light. Instead of the inner focus I now see opportunity and a willingness to get on and do things I’ve always wanted to achieve.”

Treatment for cocaine addiction with TMS

When my marriage broke down 5 years ago I began having panic attacks and was on the edge of a breakdown. Over time, I began drinking heavily and snorting cocaine. I then moved on to smoking crack cocaine. I began to miss days at work and this became a regular pattern. I felt like I didn’t care any more. I had no enthusiasm for anything, for life itself. After being a skilled mechanic for 20 years it was only a matter of time before I lost my job.

Ridiculous as it sounds, I was really happy about this. I now had no job and a one and a half thousand pounds a week crack habit that doesn’t include the drinking.

I had 10 treatments in total. One treatment a day for 5 days and the same again the following week. After the 3rd treatment I had very bad cravings in the evening. If I had been at home I would have definitely gone out for crack. I doubted the treatment was working and my brain was working overtime. What am I going to do? How can I do this to my Mum? Whatever, I wanted a fix. On the 4th day I had cravings again in the evening, but to a lesser extent. I went out for a walk and I stomped around the streets f London. I still would have bought crack if I had the means to get it. After day 5 of the treatment I suddenly found that I had no cravings. I shocked myself when I thought about crack but at the same time realised that I wasn’t bothered about it. I hadn’t felt that for years.

I filled in a form at the clinic and under the cocaine craving score I circled the number one. In actual fact, on reflection, I think I should have marked zero. As I still thought about it, I felt I should mark one but in reality thinking and craving are two separate things. The craving was zero! This has continued to be the case throughout the rest of the treatment and for the years since my treatment ended – The temptation has been there but I haven’t given in.


Alex’s story – OCD treatment

Alex was initially diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in 1990 and describes how it affected his life, how he heard about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and the difference it made to his recovery:

“I was constantly retracing my steps – that would take me a long time. It was very exhausting.

“I first heard about Smart TMS through my wife Paulette who’d seen the treatment being carried out in America.” 

“I’ve tried many, many treatments before. None have really worked but I was very very surprised and very relieved when Smart TMS treatment worked.

OCD attacked every aspect of my life and I almost lost it all. In the beginning I hid the condition from friends, and had to defer my university course for a year.

“Until TMS treatment, I had given up hope of living a normal life but now I feel positive about the future.

“I am hugely grateful to my wife, family and friends who stuck by me and supported me through the years of torment.

“It was they, together with the team at Smart TMS, who got me through this.”

Treatment for PTSD with TMS

“Soon after I started treatment at Smart TMS in Manchester, I started to feel the effects – it was as quick as three days. I felt a smile returning to my face rather than the sadness that I’d experienced for such a long time. The feeling got better and better as the weeks went by.

“For the first time in 24 years, I feel better; I’m playing my guitar and spending time with my family again. My brain feels alive, almost like it’s been sleeping since the abuse I suffered and it’s woken up.“


A mother’s story – OCD treatment

Obsessive compulsive disorder affects the family and friends of the sufferer too. A mother shares her perspective and the story of her son’s treatment with TMS.

TMS treatment in Bristol

A very professional and friendly team at Smart TMS.

Before trying TMS I had tried numerous treatments for treatment resistant major depression and anxiety. TMS has helped me achieve remission where other treatments have failed, without experiencing the numerous and negative side effects of medication.

I chose Smart TMS due to their having the largest network of clinics and so if I am away there is usually a clinic not too far away. Also, Smart TMS offer some very time efficient treatment protocols greatly reducing the amount of time spent at the clinic so I could get on with my day. I found treatment to be pain free and hassle free. My practitioner was very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful.

Having achieved remission, I am continuing with Continuous Care maintenance sessions to maintain the fantastic results of treatment, particularly in the darker winter months!

Bristol patient

Barbara’s story – nicotine/smoking addiction

Having smoked cigarettes for about 25 years, Barbara knew it was time to stop. She says:

“I have to say that after my first treatment, TMS dissipated all my urges to smoke. It also eliminated all the nervousness and anxiety you get when quitting smoking – you’re irritable, you’re cranky – I don’t feel any of that.”