The Herald Scotland: One in three Scots ‘ignore’ warning signs of depression

The Herald Scotland have reported on how one in three Scots “ignore” the warning signs of depression, with more than one in three avoiding spending time with their loved ones in favour of being alone. Is more depression treatment needed in Scotland? 

Editor Nicola Love reported on Smart TMS’ most recent exclusive research, The Happiness Index;

“Despite appearing to get on with our everyday lives, up to 36 per cent of Scots are experiencing symptoms which could suggest underlying depression and anxiety, according to a new study.”

The Herald : Scotland depression report

Depression can present itself as behaviours that would otherwise seem normal if other symptoms weren’t present. In an ideal world, we would all recognise the signs of depression in ourselves and others. In reality, it’s much more tricky to identify the behaviours which seem relatively normal. The Herald highlighted;

“While depression has previously been characterised by seemingly more serious symptoms, including suicidal thoughts, uncontrollable mood swings and dependence on medication, it can also present with a range of far more “normalised” behaviours – including a lack of motivation to shower, spend time with children and family or simply get on with the day.”

The Happiness Index also showed how prevalent anxiety is for Scots;

“One-quarter of Scots admitted to feeling more anxious in social situations which previously did not phase them, while more than one-fifth confessed to often cancelling plans so they do not have to interact with other people.”

With depression and anxiety becoming a part of every day life for so many, Smart TMS offer innovative treatment. Over three quarters of our patients have seen a significant improvement in their symptoms of depression and anxiety. With no medication nor need for hospitalisation, you can continue with your day immediately after treatment with minimal side effects.


Smart TMS : Edinburgh opened its doors in 2018, becoming the first TMS provider in Scotland. Since opening, we haven’t only treated patients from Scotland, but as far away as Egypt! We’ve treated a wide range of mental health conditions, from anxiety to addiction and OCD to BPD and would love to help you too.



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