TMS and Nutritional Therapy – an impressive patient outcome

TMS and Nutritional Therapy – an impressive patient outcome


Recently we were delighted to receive a patient referral from a Nutritional Therapist who was keen for her client to try TMS treatment alongside diet and lifestyle changes to support their mental health. Below we hear from both the patient and referring Nutritional Therapist about their experiences…


Nutritional Therapist experience   

I referred one of my Nutritional Therapy clients to SmartTMS for their symptoms of severe anxiety and depression early on in her programme with me. After three weeks of intensive treatment, alongside following her new dietary plans and, as her son rightly put it, she is a ‘new woman’. The clients treatment with SmartTMS is a fantastic complement to the Nutritional Therapy programme for the client, which is designed to future proof her health and support her journey into complete remission.

Venetia Mitchell Nutrition


Patient experience

‘ Feeling alive again ‘

I was impressed from the first day by the friendly welcome from the very professional practitioners Athana and Pegah, who explained the procedure in detail and gave me every opportunity to ask questions, although on the first day I was a little apprehensive so didn’t say much. The treatment was completely non invasive and I had none of the possible side effects such as headaches, however I did feel tired as the volume of daily treatments increased. By the end of the first 15 sessions I started to feel more positive and cheerful, so was therefore optimistic about continuing with a further 15. By the end of the second 15 I felt completely alive again, having been in the depths of depression for two years most recently, and having had depressive cycles for the last 25 years. I can highly recommend for anyone with depression and anxiety particularly people who, like me, have had no success with medication or Psychological therapies. My hope is that it will become more affordable so more people can access it as it grows in reputation. My GP hadn’t heard of it and my psychiatrist only recommended it as an afterthought, but we only really perused this as my nutritional therapist knew of it and highly recommended it. I will continue to spread the word and am highly grateful to everyone at Smart TMS.


If you are a Nutritional Therapist and would like to know more about how TMS could support your clients with their mental health, please contact us on 0345 222 5678 or email

Patients can also self-refer for treatment.

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