TMS Treatment For Teenagers With Depression

TMS Treatment For Young Adults

Until now, TMS treatment has only been widely available for patients over the age of 18, leaving teenagers suffering with treatment resistant depression. Smart TMS have changed that.

We are now treating patients aged 16 and 17 for depression in each of our network of clinics around the UK and Ireland.

An alternative depression treatment for teens

The first young adult to be treated for her crippling depression was aged 16. Following her consultation, she visited our Dublin clinic and built a strong relationship with practitioner, Ailish, who is proud to have supported such a resilient and determined individual throughout her treatment.

Our patient, who prefers to stay anonymous, said;

“This is an absolutely fantastic service and the peace that it has brought to me is unbelievable.

“I am 16 years old and have been suffering with depression and anxiety since i was 13. I tried loads of different treatments and medication, and was hospitalised for 3 months at the age of 14. None of these helped my depression or anxiety in the long term. Before Smart TMS I could not do the regular things a teenager should be able to do because my depression and anxiety were holding me back from living my life.

“With the help of Smart TMS i can now do the things I could not do before. Smart TMS has given me my life back, a life that i never thought was possible for me before this.”

Dr Anastasia Tsakiri

Joining Smart TMS to support our younger patients through their treatment is child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Anastasia Tsakiri. She explained;

“It is very positive and hopeful to see that rTMS has helped young people who, from early age, have tried so many different treatments for their mental health problems.

Within our service, adolescents can benefit from a relatively new form of treatment. The opportunity to apply rTMS treatment in 16/17 year old young people opens a new avenue for adolescents who have struggled with depression for considerable time, as well as their families.”

Find out more

If you are aged 16-18 and are struggling with your mental health, TMS treatment could help you. Similarly, if you’re a parent of a young person who has tried alternative treatments without significant relief, our team of patient advisors would be delighted to discuss TMS with you.

Beginning any new treatment can be nerve-wracking. If you would like to visit the clinic before your first treatment session, please contact us to arrange this.