TMS Treatment Diary for Anxiety and Depression

A Smart TMS patient has shared her full and frank experience of transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for anxiety and depression. 

Like many of our patients, she had struggled for many years struggling with anxiety and depression and not found medication to be the answer. When she decided to try TMS, she decided to record the experience with a daily diary on her journey.

As her diary shows, TMS is not an overnight wonder-cure. Liz had daily treatment over a course of 4 weeks, a total of 19 sessions with weekends off.

She noticed no real benefit in the first week, which is typical of our patients. However, in the second week, there were some small signs of encouragement. She managed to go for an interview and got the job. Weeks 3 and 4 showed mix results with further bouts of low mood alongside more hopeful signs right through to the end of the programme.

However, a week after the treatment had finished, Liz’s diary reads:

“Feeling happycontented and alive and excited by what life might be.

“Also feeling increasingly comfortable being inside my skin.”

A month after completion of her treatment programme, and Liz is a world away from where she started. She says:

“Feeling very steady, work is very hard, but I am feeling ok.

“I have also found I have a lot more energy.  For years I have had no stamina.  The last week I have woken at 5.30 – got to work by 8, worked till 4 and gone out in the evening.  I have never been able to do this before. It is also the case that I have stopped eating sugar and grains, but I am beginning to feel a lot more confident that I can commit to being places when in the past I would be hoping I would have the energy to do something.

“I have started journaling and gratitude exercises to start turning round how I present myself.  All of these things I knew about etc, but I seem now to be finding the will and commitment to carry through.”

What to Expect with TMS Treatment

Liz’s diary gives a great insight into the experience of transcranial magnetic stimulation:

  • Not painful – easily tolerated treatment
  • Daily sessions required for 3+ weeks
  • Results build over a number of treatments


Smart TMS was established in 2015, providing TMS treatment at their original South Kensington/Brompton Cross centre in London. The company opened a second clinic in Birmingham in September 2017 and also has an established base in Northampton.  The first Irish clinic was opened in Dublin in October 2017.  Smart TMS is planning further locations for Manchester and Bristol in 2018.


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