TMS treatment for addiction, depression and anxiety in patient with Autism

cocaine addiction treatmentFollowing the news this morning of a large-scale study by Cambridge University to better understand the causes and symptoms and Autism we share a recent experience of a patient we treated for depression, anxiety and addiction who also has autism and other physical disabilities. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can present with autism and although we do not treat autism directly with TMS, we can support associated conditions often with positive results as we hear from this recent patient.


I have suffered with a variety of mental illnesses for over 20 years on top of having Autism and physical disabilities. I have tried so many types of therapies and medications but nothing worked leaving me with no help or support and Drs scratching their heads not knowing what to do for me. Frankly I was desperate and thought mental illness would be the end of me.

The decision to try TMS

I’ve heard of TMS for a while and decided to give it a go, I wanted treatment for my addiction, depression and anxiety, I wasn’t sure what to expect especially having Autism and whether that would affect TMS, I was also worried about side effects but from day one Lorelei has been so positive, kind and helpful, putting me at ease, answering my questions and helping me to get comfortable on the bed, even little things like putting the cap on carefully, or putting the fan on during the heatwave etc made a huge difference. After 30 sessions I cannot not believe the difference and neither can my family, I’m happy to report I’m almost anxiety free and I’d say 60-70% improvement in my depression. It’s been so long I don’t think I’ve experienced a depression or anxiety free day as an adult. Even more amazingly my addiction is now under control something I didn’t think I’d ever see. 

Following treatment

I now wake up after a full sleep happy, not anxious, content, not depressed or suicidal. Instead of dreading the day dealing with my addiction, I look forward to it. TMS has given me my life back. I’m sat here planning my future again and hopefully my career back on track. Not only did I get a 3 in 1 treatment but I’m now able to better manage my eating disorder and amazingly for the first time in 8 years, I no longer have a sleep disorder. This also means I’m able to manage my Autism better and my physical disabilities.

Thank you so much to Lorelei and the TMS team. 



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