TMS treatment on the NHS

As Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is still relatively new to the UK (it was approved by NICE – or the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence in 2015), the NHS don’t offer it as standard. As awareness of TMS increases, the amount of local NHS Trusts recognising it as a safe and effective treatment has increased. These Trusts have strict criteria you have to meet before receiving treatment free of charge – this usually includes the patient living within the catchment area for the Trust.

On rare occasions, local CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) will agree to fund treatment. This is a lengthy process with no guarantee of success. We recommend speaking to your GP about applying for funding, as unfortunately, we aren’t able to initiate the funding request on your behalf.

At this time, we haven’t seen a patient receive funding for treatment for any condition other than depression and anxiety. This isn’t to say, however, that this won’t change in the future.

At Smart TMS, we are believers that TMS is the best depression treatment most people have never heard of. If your GP or psychiatrist isn’t aware of how TMS can change the lives of patients with mental health conditions, our clinical team are happy to discuss the treatment and we can send further written documentation to them, too.


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