Treatment for weight loss

If you have tried to lose weight through diet and exercise to no avail, then you’re not alone.

The Smart TMS programme aids weight loss as part of a lifestyle change, to improve health, confidence and quality of life.

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Managing weight

Many people struggle to manage their weight with traditional dieting alone, not only to lose weight but to maintain weight lost.

The human body needs food to survive for energy and nutrition and is an important part of our health and wellbeing.

However, there are many reasons we are drawn to food, one of those is to satisfy emotional needs relating to stress, anxiety and depression. This can result in overeating and comfort eating, or making bad food choices. These all lead to weight gain.

The feel good weight gain factor

Food gives us a feel good factor. Chemicals produced in the brain, such as dopamine, induce feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. These are produced when experiencing food, due to the smell, taste and texture. The trigger foods for this process tend to be those that have high levels of fat, sugar or salt. These foods are typically carbohydrates and sweet foods.

Food addiction or food cravings, is when someone feels an uncontrollable urge to eat certain foods, which perpetuates a continual need to eat or to binge eat. Food addiction does not always relate to feelings of hunger.

The result is vicious cycle that is hard to break. Food addiction is a primary cause of weight gain, which has been compared to an addicts response to their substance of choice. Eating foods in this way activates the same reward center’s of the brain.

TMS treatment for weight loss

TMS treatment for weight loss and obesity works by acting on the brain circuits involved in food cravings. The Smart TMS protocol for weight loss and obesity has been based on our successful TMS protocol for addiction.

By treating the circuits involved in cravings, the treatment aims to encourage lower calorie intake by reducing the cravings for food. Therefore, promoting effective weight loss as part of the weight management programme with dietary support.

What is your weight loss goal?

Weight loss is shown to be the most effective option to protect against, resolve or improve weight related health issues including: Type 2 Diabetes, Liver disease, Heart disease, Stroke, Hypertension, Sleep Apnoea and various cancers.
Being overweight can affect fertility in women and men. There is now substantial evidence surrounding the safety and effectiveness of different types of weight loss procedures as an intervention to improve fertility and reproductive outcomes in men and women that are overweight. To be eligible for IVF treatment your BMI needs to be within a healthy range.
You may have experienced weight-based discrimination in the work place. Many people who are overweight may also not have the confidence to apply for a new job, the promotion or may not be eligible to apply for their chosen career due to their BMI being too high to pass the company medical.
Weight effects every part of your life, having a major impact on relationships, confidence and being responsible for low self esteem. The JAMA study concludes that weight loss can have both physical and emotional benefits, improving confidence and self esteem.
Society places immense pressure on people to look good. Social events can become very stressful and not enjoyable, or you just don’t go out. Major catalysts for weight loss are weddings and holidays, due to the dress, the suit, the beachwear, the flight and in particular the photographs.

How does TMS work as a treatment for weight loss?

TMS is a non-invasive treatment uses a repetitive magnetic pulse. It involves an electromagnetic coil being placed gently on the scalp. Magnetic pulses are targeted at a very specific part of the brain, the area of the brain that is implicated in controlling urges, for example food cravings. It calms parts of the brain that are involved in overeating.

The magnetic pulses stimulate the nerve endings, when these pulses are done repeatedly this causes the targeted area of the brain to regain normal activity levels. As a result food cravings are suppressed and recent studies have also indicated that this treatment alters the gut bacteria (flora) which suppresses appetite. With a significant reduction in food cravings and lower hunger levels, this opens a door for weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle change with a calorie controlled diet and exercise.

The treatment is not painful. Patients will experience an unusual sensation, which they get used to very quickly. Patients will be scheduled for a 30 minute appointment and the treatment itself takes approximately 20 minutes.

It is a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments, with:

☑  No anaesthetic   ☑  No need for hospitalisation
☑  No recovery time   ☑  Fewer side-effects than medication

Change your relationship with food

Excessive weight is a known risk to your health and even your life expectancy. Changing your underlying perceptions and relationship with food so that you only consume what you need could finally be the key to enabling you to lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle. There’s no better reason to find out more about this innovative solution.

Estimated weight loss

For patients who follow all the dietary guidelines, the expected weight loss is approximately 2-3lbs per week, this varies from patient to patient. However, as with any diet or non surgical/surgical treatment for weight loss, there are no guarantees and success is down to the individual patient following all the advice given.

The TMS Weight Management Programme is suitable for anyone that:

  • Wants to lose and has a BMI 26 and above
  • Unable to lose weight and maintain weight lost with traditional dieting
  • Is unable to lower portion size due to hunger levels and food cravings
  • Not suitable for weight loss surgery due to low BMI or health issues
  • Have not been successful with or suitable for other nonsurgical options due to contraindications
  • Required to lose weight for surgery or fertility treatment
  • Restricted mobility
  • Taking medication with weight gain side effects
  • Wants to lose weight for an event i.e: wedding / holiday
  • Needs to lose weight to pass a company medical check
  • Already has a weight loss procedure and is experiencing weight regain

Is TMS Treatment Right For You?

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More Information

TMS is a safe and effective treatment for and a large majority of patients are suitable to receive it.

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